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mummy101214 Wed 11-Jun-14 20:52:44

What names will you be choosing for your baby/babies?

We have a William Francis (DH's granddad's name and my dads middle name) and an Oliver Thomas (Oliver because we liked it and Thomas for DH's dads middle name)

Thinking of Alexander Stephen (Stephen is DH's middle name and his dads first name) or Sophie Grace/Gracie Ann (Grace is MIL's middle name, Ann is my mums middle name)

Hard to think of a boys name though as I wanted something longish which also fit with William and Oliver!

DinoSnores Wed 11-Jun-14 20:58:51

Have you discovered the Baby Names forum yet? Lots of ideas and chat there to help you!

BikeRunSki Wed 11-Jun-14 21:01:27

Grace is hard to pull off for an ungrateful child! I know a couple who use their middle names for this reason. One in her 70s, one preschooler. Did you know there's a whole Baby Names topic in the "Becoming a Parent" section?

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 21:25:07

I love Oliver it's the name I chose if I was having a boy smile I'm struggling for a middle name to go with Megan

ohthegoats Wed 11-Jun-14 21:28:14

Why do you need a middle name? I've never used mine, I don't see the point in them.

CatteLady Wed 11-Jun-14 21:32:11

I've always thought of middle names as a spare name - in case you get lumbered with a truly terrible first name. Not that I resent my parents' appalling choices....

HenriettaTurkey Wed 11-Jun-14 22:53:11

William Francis is great!

hartmel Thu 12-Jun-14 04:00:23

Our first child is named Samuel. If it would have been a girl she would be named Selina..
Now I'm pregnant with dc2 and found out in Monday that we are expecting a girl and will name her Lara..
If it would have been a boy he would be named Oliver..

Barbsta Thu 12-Jun-14 06:33:23

Middle names are like a back up I know people that use their middle name and I always hated both my first and middle :s I just want my baby to have a decent back up lol

mummy101214 Thu 12-Jun-14 16:54:45

My middle name is Jayne and I don't use it. I know too many Laura Jayne/Laura Jane's!! I went to school with 3 others in my year... :-s Although I can't talk as William and Oliver are very popular! There is no other William's at DS1's pre-school though...

Dizzywhore Thu 12-Jun-14 21:49:23

William is lovely. What I would have if my DS hadn't already nicked it! ��

Observer78 Fri 13-Jun-14 14:25:59

We are going for a name that hopefully doesn't scream ASBO (living in SE London - even with best parental efforts things could go t*ts up) so hoping for a good omen there (fingers crossed). A spiritual middle name - inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

Boogles91 Fri 13-Jun-14 20:46:22

We chose our names at about 18wks as we wer deciding on findong out the sex, and then had a good disvussion on a name hhe hubby asked me what i would like for a girl i suggested courtney-louise, and he said he loved it and we would go with that. So i said ill let him choose a boys name, and as its a lil man growing in me tumbly smile hubby chose ashley-thomas! Ashley because its what he was going to be called but got chanhed at last min and thomas is his dads name smile We both like the idea pf double barrel first names and both fit perfectly smile we carnt wait to meet him....35wks now and it carnt come around quick enough! I love the oliver thomas one its sounds so traditional hehe

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