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Bump pics!

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Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 05:06:42

I don't know if this has been done but I would love to have a thread of baby bump pics! Just so we can see we aren't as 'HUGE' or 'SMALL' as everyone around us keeps preaching. I'm constantly told I'm huge and that my baby is going to be huge sad when I googled pics I don't seem that unlike other people though. This will hopefully show not just that we aren't the only one the size we are and that we aren't some kind of alien lol

Me at 38 weeks smile

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 05:07:59


Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 05:09:10

Nightmare! Lol

icklekid Wed 11-Jun-14 05:31:02

34 weeks...

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 05:35:40

I was very similar to you at 34 as my bump was higher and I think that makes you look bigger then you even are

ImBrian Wed 11-Jun-14 06:57:08

I'm 16 weeks with number 5

Fissawissa Wed 11-Jun-14 08:06:36

22 weeks with number 2 (boy)

luckiestgirlintheworld Wed 11-Jun-14 17:04:00

I miss my bump!

VJONES1985 Wed 11-Jun-14 17:12:05

30 weeks

stripeyred Wed 11-Jun-14 17:16:42

I miss my bump too now sad

ch1a Wed 11-Jun-14 17:47:06

40+2 with number two! Crappy picture sorry.

HappyHippyChick Wed 11-Jun-14 17:54:11

40 weeks with number 5!

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 19:34:24

I will miss my bump too the only thing I won't miss is people worrying me with comments :s ofcourse it will scare a first time mother when she is told her baby will be huge.

Has anyone else gained a little flabby pouch at the bottom of the bump? As soon as my bump drop it appeared

Hedgehog1977 Wed 11-Jun-14 19:43:46


I think I probably am quite big, but I like it smile

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 19:50:05

I think all bumps are cute! I never look and think too big or too small but I think when you are or have been pregnant you see a bump completely differently

ThedementedPenguin Wed 11-Jun-14 19:50:06

That was me around 39ish weeks.

arghhelpme Wed 11-Jun-14 20:02:29

17 weeks with no 3 and 4.

ch1a Wed 11-Jun-14 20:13:26

Loving these. Just realised I'm 40+5 and I wrote 40+2...oops!

CarCiKoTab Wed 11-Jun-14 20:17:08

Does everyone know what they are having?

VJONES1985 Wed 11-Jun-14 20:26:14

Yes, I'm having a boy. Am always being told I'm huge. Yawn.

arghhelpme Wed 11-Jun-14 20:45:05

I don't know what I am having yet.

somedizzywhore1804 Wed 11-Jun-14 20:51:18

here I am at 35 weeks (last week)

Barbsta Wed 11-Jun-14 21:28:01

I'm having a girl smile is there any truth to boys being smaller?

CarCiKoTab Wed 11-Jun-14 22:24:48

See now I'm not sure, I heard if your carrying higher and wide it's a girl if it's low and in front it's a boy hmm Not sure on this theory.

arghhelpme Wed 11-Jun-14 22:26:38

I was huge all over with my boys. My friend is having a girl and she is all bump on front.

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