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Anyone else constantly ill since they got pregnant?

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AveryJessup Mon 09-Jun-14 18:37:54

I don't mean morning sickness (had my fair share of nausea in first trimester and that is awful so sympathies to anyone still puking or with severe morning sickness!) but constantly picking up colds and sore throats and bugs?

Since I got pregnant (19 weeks now) I have had 4 colds and 1 stomach bug. This week I have a rotten stinker of a cold with a streaming nose and chesty cough. It is VILE. It's definitely the worst one I have had since I got pregnant as I could barely get out of bed on Friday when I got it. I've had 3 previous colds in the first trimester too and they were nasty too, all lasted about a week. What is going on? I wasn't like this in my previous pregnancy with DS, was fortunate to be fairly healthy all the way through.

Caveat: aforementioned DS is a toddler (2.7). He goes to germ factory nursery 2 mornings a week but seems to pick up all kinds of bugs despite not being there more than 8 hours a week. So is that the problem this time? Just toddler bugs? Anyone else notice they were sicker second time around with a toddler in the house?

KatnissEvermean Mon 09-Jun-14 18:58:27

Yes!! I'm nine weeks pregnant with my first, but I've had three colds back to back. As soon as I shift one, I pick up another. We did visit family about two weeks ago, and our toddler niece who has just started nursery came down with a cold when we were there, so I am blaming a child for at least one of them!

PolytheneGirl Mon 09-Jun-14 19:57:42

I was in my first pg, even got shingles and all sorts of infections. My GP told me I had a lowered immune system due to being pg. The joys!

Hope you start feeling better soon thanks

ubiquitousslug Mon 09-Jun-14 22:30:52

I am exactly the same. I have a low immune system anyway, being preg has sent it rock bottom...

hartmel Tue 10-Jun-14 05:08:17

I'm 20 weeks with dc2 and just getting over my second cold since getting pregnant.
And this last one was nasty. Got a head cold., then coughing and because of all the hard coughing I have to careful not cough and walk at the same time otherwise I'm peeing myself (omg that one is soooo embarrassing, didn't had that problem with my first) also the baby loves to have her feet right on my bladder

I don't know about you guys but I find it very hard doing the regular house work, taking care of a toddler/baby (my son is 9 month old) and get one cold after the next or other sickness not pregnancy related!

AveryJessup Tue 10-Jun-14 06:02:51

Thanks, Poly, I hope so too! It is so grim trying to stay active with DS and battle through a cold as well as being pregnant. Could be worse of course as some do have morning sickness or SPD that goes on for the whole pregnancy.

Main thing for me is that I was perfectly healthy when I was pregnant with DS, no problems at all. This time around, it is miserable! Makes me wonder if it's toddler bugs making the difference or if just every pregnancy is different... hope we all avoid any colds and bugs for the rest of our terms anyway!

Ambriel42 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:42:52

Hello.. I hear you! I've had two lots of tonsillitis, tummy bug, bladder retention, constipation and broken sleep for last six months leading to exhaustion and now I have hip problems! Never thought it would be like this! Xx

HandbagFan Mon 30-Oct-17 20:05:38

Yes, I’m 9weeks and am on my third cold. I’m miserable most of the time. I’ve been blaming my toddler and nursery but he’s fine this week while I’m struggling!

ArkadyRose Tue 31-Oct-17 08:06:06

7 weeks and my 10-year-old brought home a cold before half-term and generously decided to share it with me. A cold on top of morning sickness is no fun.

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