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High cholesterol in pregnancy

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BrandSnob Sat 07-Jun-14 17:26:55

Pre-pregnancy I was on 20mg of Atorvastatin to regulate my cholesterol, which has never actually been high. This was prescribed by my Consultant after an atherosclerotic plaque was discovered in an artery last year(which has since been removed).

Before I became pregnant, my Obstetrician decided to take me off statins and told that my cholesterol would be monitored regularly during pregnancy. Normally I do a fasting blood test, but this time my doctor said to do a non-fasting one as it difficult when pregnant

I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and this month my results came back at 4.9, which is under the guideline amount of 5, but my previous test is was 3.9. I'm just a little concerned it nearing the top end of 'normal'. Does anyone have any experience of this and how was it dealt with?

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