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Crosshouse v. Southern General

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killiegirl Sat 07-Jun-14 11:46:50

This might be a long shot, but does anyone have any experience of high-risk pregnancy at Crosshouse hospital? I've just moved to Ayrshire after having my previous 2 births at the Southern General, and just found out I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. I'm very, very high risk and not sure whether to fight to get to go back to the Southern where they know me well but are very over-crowded and stretched (2-3 hour wait every appointment to see anyone), or go to Crosshouse, which is much closer, and risk them not giving me the care I want/need as they don't have the same knowledge of my history. Also there's a high chance I'll have a premature birth and I know the neonatal unit at the Southern is outstanding. I'm a bit stuck, help!

NoNamesNancy Sat 07-Jun-14 12:46:32

I've no experience of these particular hospitals, but am in a similar situation with DC3, and have the choice of our smallish (Crosshouse sized) local hospital or Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. I'm sticking with local hospital, having met with my consultant. I think there is better continuity of care there - far more chance of seeing the same doctors and midwives at antenatal appointments - and they are less rushed so have lots of time for questions. They have assured me that if they felt anything was outwith their sphere of competence they would send me to ERI, and will do lots of extra scans pre-section so that they are as confident as possible before they perform the op in the smaller hospital (if any doubt, or significantly pre-term, I will be sent to ERI). Blue-lighted we're about 45 minutes from the ERI NICU and I'm happy with that.

DrewsWife Sat 07-Jun-14 19:00:49

I have no experience of giving birth at the southern general. it is a brilliant hospital but I will be giving birth at crosshouse.

the staff are amazing. I spoke to a midwife at epas who actually remembered me from 5 weeks ago. I find them to be friendly and kind.

a friends child needed alot of care after birth and she said that care was amazing. at no point did she panic

im 11 + 5 and finding maternity services rlto be fab so far.

I had a bad time at RAH when I was a teenage mum. this time around 18 years later these midwives make me feel relaxed

mrsleomcgary Sat 07-Jun-14 22:04:34

I'm type 1 diabetic (so not HIGH high risk) and gave birth at crosshouse. I found everyone there fantastic from the consultants to the cleaners. I was under the care of Dr Ramsay from the start, saw her at clinic every 4 weeks, had regular scans every month increasing to every 2 weeks when I got to 32 weeks up until I was induced at 38+3. 3 days before I was induced baby stopped moving and I had to go in, everything was fine but i was hooked onto a monitor for hours just so they could help put my mind at ease. Gave birth in the labour ward rather than mlu but only needed a midwife, a bloody amazing woman called Barbara who delivered my dd on her own because there was no time to get another midwife in the room she came out that quick, but have no doubt my care would have been excellent had things gone differently.

I have no experience of the southern general but have heard stories of over crowding etc which I haven't heard about in crosshouse. Could you meet with staff there and see how you feel before making a final decision about where to go?

Hope that helps!

killiegirl Sat 07-Jun-14 22:10:50

Thank you ladies. The staff at the Southern know me well, I unfortunately have very complicated history, and my OH and I built up a good relationship with the day ward staff as I was in for monitoring twice a week for the second half of my last pregnancy. I've got an appointment for an early scan and blood tests there the week after next to allow them to start me on the blood thinning meds I need, but they don't know yet that we don't live in Glasgow any more! I'm going to have to fess up after that!

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