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Cramps in early pregnancy

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avarose1986 Sat 07-Jun-14 00:41:18

Hello everyone

I found out tonight that I'm pregnant - very early days and I'll only be 3 weeks on Sunday - after 2 false negatives last weekend but I'm worried because it's nothing short of a miracle as I was trying for a baby with my previous partner for 7 years and were just at the point of starting IVF when we split up so to say i am shocked at this is an understatement grin I'm freaking out a little bit though because i keep getting cramps - period type cramps - and I just want to know if that's normal? It's not all of the time, more sporadically. Also does anyone have/had a nipple piercing or have any advice on when I should take it out? Should I take it out now?

Thanks x smile

Enaj30 Sat 07-Jun-14 04:32:29

Hi avarose, I got the following statement off a website so hope it helps!! I also had the same as you (I'm now 6+2 and having an early scan today eeek!). Try not to worry and big fat CONGRATULATIONS!!

I have had continual but mild cramping for several weeks now and I am five weeks pregnant. It it normal to feel this way as long as it's not painful and you are not bleeding. Also, your hormones are just causeing the uterus to prepare itself for the new baby. Also, early pregnancy bloating and gas can add to the crampyness. I have also heard of sharp pains that occur now and then and that they are normal also--as the uterus is stretching. Most of us at 5-6 weeks have not been to an appointment yet but don't get yourself worried.

htbftm Sat 07-Jun-14 04:55:31

Hi Avarose and big CONGRATS! I agree with Ena. Period type pains are a worrying but quite normal sensation in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Its quite normal to worry about every twinge, but if you think about what is happening in there it is hardly surprising that you feel some twinges, niggles and even pain at time. Try and celebrate and enjoy it without worrying too much!

avarose1986 Sat 07-Jun-14 06:19:43

Hello both

Thank you so much for helping to put my mind at rest. Like I said it's nothing short of a miracle and even though I wasn't expecting it I'm just desperate for nothing to happen.

Thanks again smile xx

FTMK Sat 07-Jun-14 07:02:54

Congratulations. I had fairly constant period type back pain right up to 12ish weeks. I also had a couple of really bad cramps that doubled me over in the early weeks - took my breath away. Midwife was never particularly bothered. I've also bad what I call poky pains on and off, which are a bit higher up. I had a bleed at 11 weeks but everything was fine. It's scary but it seems normal for some women to have pain. All that stretching has to happen somehow, I'm now 16 + 3 and still paranoid after an early mc last year but starting to feel more positive. Good luck.

avarose1986 Sat 07-Jun-14 07:31:54

Morning smile

Thank you, it's just so reassuring to hear other people have had similar experiences. Just want to get to the midwife now and get things rolling with her, trust me to find out on a Friday night grin I'm trying not to think anything bad but like I said I never thought this would happen naturally so don't want anything bad to happen x

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