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3D re-scan.. Any tips?

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Hobby2014 Fri 06-Jun-14 10:09:24

We had a scan a few weeks ago and baby's face was tucked right down and hidden. We've got another scan this afternoon and it's our last go. 1) because I'm 32 weeks and 2) they only offer one free rescan and I'm not paying £150 again!
Last time I ate a snickers and drank ice cold water about half an hour before I went in and that didn't help! She then sent me away to do star jumps etc and we tried again and baby didn't move at all sad
Any tips on how to make baby move? Or be awake and active?

nc060 Fri 06-Jun-14 10:30:34

Lucozade always works for me! x

Dizzywhore Fri 06-Jun-14 10:38:28

Really cold coke or orange juice x

LJHH Fri 06-Jun-14 10:50:17

I've had 2 3d/4d scans and both time my little one didnt want to budge, I had a gender scan at 17 weeks and a 4d scan at 27 weeks.

I know its awful and the midwife would probably tell me off but I drank a lucozade (still one not fizzy) ate 2 mars bars, some glucose tablets (they were rank!), walked for 20 minutes and star jumped around like a a crazy woman.
He turned around after all that smile

The 27 week scan, there were 3 of us in the same position all trying to get the baby to move, as we had to keep going in and out, we were there for 3 hours!
Got our pics and DVD and was completely worth it in the end!
Good luck!!

LJHH Fri 06-Jun-14 10:52:03

I did all of this about 15 mins before we were due to go in btw, I was scared if I did it too early, baby would be over the sugar rush and I would just need a wee wink

Hobby2014 Fri 06-Jun-14 11:07:20

Thanks everyone. Will try as much as possible, I really want to see baby's face!

Hobby2014 Fri 06-Jun-14 14:42:20

I don't think any of this matters now as am stuck in non moving traffic on the M1 so don't think I'm going to make the appointment ! sad

LJHH Fri 06-Jun-14 17:17:06

Oh no sad
Did you make it? I hope you did x

Hobby2014 Fri 06-Jun-14 20:46:05

We did ! grin
No time to buy any drink or food to help baby move and was late but we got our photos. Very happy! X

LJHH Sat 07-Jun-14 07:44:54

Oh good! So pleased you made it and baby was behaving! smile smile

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