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Can't sleep... Can you take gaviscon straight after taking a fibogel?!

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Bellyrub1980 Fri 06-Jun-14 01:14:11

19w4d and I can't sleep. Mixture of back ache, constipation and acid reflux! (I never knew pregnancy would be so glamorous!!)

I'm a tummy sleeper and trying really hard to sleep on my left. I've literally always slept on my tummy, can't remember an age when I slept in any other position, and it's almost as if my body isn't designed for it. My shoulders and hips ache after about 20 mins. A snake pillow has helped a lot and I can get a few hours, but then I wake up and shoulders, hips and back just killing me. If flipping over onto my right side was an option I'd do it, but the pillow kind of traps you in and it means a lot of shifting about which wakes up DP.

So I've got up, had a cup of tea, a fibogel (really really need a poo soon!!!) and some gaviscon and have camped up in the spare room. And then I suddenly realised it might not be safe to take these two together. What do you think?

I'm also considering a paracetamol for my back but feel guilty for adding even more chemicals to the cocktail I've already taken...

On the bright side I'm feeling baby kick more tonight than ever before. Reminding me this is all worth it smile

aroha77 Fri 06-Jun-14 05:10:12

I'm sure you can, don't think there's anything you can't take with either of them. Did you know there's a certain amount of additional fluid you need to take with the fybogel to make it effective? (Can't remember exact amount).

I was exactly the same as you - couldn't get used to not sleeping on my front at all! Have got used to it though (now 40+6!) or occasionally sleep more on back but with pillow under right hand side to prop me up a bit.

Hope you're asleep by now anyway!xx

Bellyrub1980 Fri 06-Jun-14 05:32:24

I think I managed a few hours on and off. At least it's Friday, get through today and sleep all weekend!

Will double up on the water today

ruth1104 Fri 06-Jun-14 08:40:39

I did that last night too!! Afaik fybogel doesnt have any actual chemicals in it to react badly, its just fibre, so I never imagined it would cause a problem. Although looking at the (asda version of) gaviscon, it does say an overdose can have a laxative effect so I guess be careful of that!!

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