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Not sure if i'm pregnant or going insane

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MCsiren1212 Thu 05-Jun-14 14:33:48

I have been having pregnancy symptoms for the last 2 and a half months now, nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, breasts growing, i'm exhausted all the time. I have taken 5 hpt but they have all been negative, i took my 6th test last week and it was VERY faint line, then a few days after I took a digital and it said "Not Pregnant". I am so confused, i have been to my doctor and she sent me for a blood test which also came back negative. I am booking another appointment with her to see if she can get me an ultra sound because I'm really sick and tired of not knowing when I really do not feel right. I also had really strange bleeding weeks after my period has been due, it starts out spotting then it stops for a day or so then bright light red blood comes out which lasts for about 4-5 days (with my period i am usually on for about 7-8 days so this is very unusual) but it is deffo not a normal period, but i asked my mum and she said that when she was pregnant with me she had her period up until she was 4 months pregnant, so I do not know what the hell is going on with my body! The other night I noticed that my nipples have white spots on them and if i squeeze them the white stuff comes out, Is this normal????

Eastwiththem Thu 05-Jun-14 15:04:51

If a blood test for HCG came back negative you are not currently pregnant (unless they mixed up your blood sample with someone else's in the lab, which is vvvv unlikely).

However I think you definitely need to get further follow up from your GP or a specialist. Those are not normal symptoms for someone who is not pregnant. There are probably a whole host of possible causes (such as missed miscarriage, molar pregnancy, some kind of infection or STD) so you need to find out what is causing it and get it treated, as some of these could have long term consequences.

Hope you get sorted soon, and don't let the doc fob you off!

amy83firsttimer Thu 05-Jun-14 15:38:23

Do you have children already? How old are you? Sorry for nosy questions but thought these relevant. I'll explain why so you don't think I'm crazy. 1- if you've been pregnant before you might recognise symptoms better. 2- either end of child-bearing years periods get less reliable.
I would second what others say though, repeated negative tests surely mean not pregnant. Symptoms sound worrying though.

MCsiren1212 Thu 05-Jun-14 15:56:50

Eastwiththem- Thank you for the advice, My doctor did say that sometimes the hcg is not high enough in some women, i spoke to my friend who has not long ago had a baby and she said her blood results did not become positive until she was 16 weeks pregnant. I am 100% sure that I do not have an STD and I have read that usually with miscarriages you have a lot of pain and a lot of bleeding for a long period of time I am not experiencing any severe pain just mild cramps like my period is about to start and my bleeding is very light (which is odd because I am usually VERY heavy) The only thing I can do is go see my GP again and see what else she advises, i'd rather just her send me off for a scan so I can be 100% sure but I have a feeling she will advise me otherwise! (useless doctor)
Amy83firsttimer- I am 20 and I have never had children before. It's just very unusual having all these symptoms but getting negative results and then a one off faint positive, It's just very frustrating.

Thank you for the responses.

Eastwiththem Fri 06-Jun-14 13:19:14

Although it is possible to have a successful pregnancy with low levels of HCG, this is very rare. Also, much of the "pregnancy" symptoms you are suffering are linked to high HCG levels so for you to have the HCG side effects but no HCG is unlikely.

While some miscarriages are exceptionally painful and involve a lot of blood, I've had two miscarriages myself and no pain with either. First one had light bleeding (at first I though it was my period) but then the bleeding stopped and all was "ok". The miscarriage was only discovered when I went for a scan and there was no heartbeat. The heavy bleeding had to be induced with medication, but I didn't have any pain or cramps. Second one I miscarried by myself and the bleeding was similar to a period - if we hadn't been trying for a baby and I was monitoring my cycles carefully I might not even have noticed I was pregnant. Again no cramps or pain.

If you have had enough unprotected sex to think you might be pregnant then you might have an STD. The only way you can be sure is to get tested. It's probably very unlikely but it's easy to rule out with a quick blood test. You could also have an infection just from life generally - there's bacteria everywhere and it just takes a few to get in to the wrong place to cause serious trouble.

I would push for an ultrasound to see if it's a missed miscarriage or a molar pregnancy, and then further blood tests to look for increasing HCG and a general blood/urine/swabs screen to rule out viruses and infections.

If your GP is being useless ask to see another one. If it is an infection in your womb or tubes then it could do serious damage if not treated promptly - same with a miscarriage if material from the pregnancy remains inside you too long.

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