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Maternity Allowance

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SouthDerbyshireMamma Wed 04-Jun-14 15:54:00

Just been on the phone to chase my claim for Maternity Allowance to be informed they are really behind with processing. Today they are working on claims received 7th May! Really hope they get a wiggle on and process my claim as I break up in 4 weeks! Eek!!

Just thought I'd share this info with fellow mumsnetters...I'm sure it may be useful to know for some of you

wispaxmas Wed 04-Jun-14 15:56:55

Argh! My leave started Monday and I've not heard anything yet. Not overly fussed as I should get pay for these weeks, but still annoying!

Geminiwitch22 Wed 04-Jun-14 16:21:57

Thank you OP, was going to call at the end of the week if I hadn't heard anything. Thanks again thanks

wispaxmas Sat 07-Jun-14 23:57:18

Mine has come through today, so the back log can't be too too bad. I on,y sent everything in a couple weeks ago. FX you get yours sorted soon!

icklekid Sun 08-Jun-14 05:41:24

When do you normally apply? When start maternity leave/before/after baby born? Thanks!

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