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Googling symptoms

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GlamRhinestones1 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:13:12

Everyone must have done this ?
I know I did with all three of my children.

Why is it when your pregnant every little thing gets you excited/worried when most of the time it's normal and not always pregancy related!

The strangest thing I came across was a post recommending was to sqaut over hot coffee ?? Personally wouldn't recommend it !

Anyone else come across some weird and wonderful suggestions ?

Enaj30 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:42:23

Hi Glam

I have been banned by my husband from googling stuff, as I wind myself up too much - bit of a worry wort lol xx

GlamRhinestones1 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:45:59

Glad it's not just me ! X

SourSweets Wed 04-Jun-14 15:39:57

I'm terrible for this too.

What was the hot coffee thing for, just out of interest?

<eyes up the kettle>

GlamRhinestones1 Wed 04-Jun-14 15:44:34

Searched for unusual / weird ways to bring on labour out of boredom, supposed to simulate your parts with caffeine, don't see it working tho could get in a pickle !

SourSweets Wed 04-Jun-14 15:49:42

Ooh no, I can't see that working either! Don't try eating loads of pineapple either, all that'll do is give you a sore mouth!

Redling Wed 04-Jun-14 18:34:28

I just googled stuff that hurt and I wanted to make it stop, and the answer is always just 'yeah, you're pregnant! Deal with it! Basically so I stopped doing that! Although I am surprised since I started on Mumsnet how many people post things like 'my Doctor told me to do/take this but google says I shouldn't so I won't', which I think is quite dangerous. I know that we can take control of our own bodies in pregnancy and we have choices, but it seems sometimes that Dr Google means people have stopped listening to their medical professionals because they trust the opinion of Internet strangers.

squizita Wed 04-Jun-14 19:24:42

I'm with Redling. At least check REPUTABLE sites (eg NHS, mumsnet, NCT) not random strange odd websites, often by people with a agenda. Or a good book by a respected expert.

We teach kids not to believe everything on Google, then forget ourselves!

GlamRhinestones1 Wed 04-Jun-14 20:20:08

Agree with poster above if there's actually a real problem always contact your midwife or gp, even if it turns out to be nothing it's always worth it. I didn't make it very clear in my original post that I ment things like eg suffering with heartburn for a day so labour must be on its way ect ect.silly things.

Redling Wed 04-Jun-14 20:58:57

I didn't mean you GlamRhinestones1, that kind of non serious thing (like how I found out tonic water helps restless legs! Excellent!) is fine, just that I also noticed how google seemed to be making people ignore the medical advice of midwives and doctors!

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