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Black mould

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freakedmum Wed 04-Jun-14 10:08:39

Just would like anyone's experiences please.
I am 34+4, and have just been reading of possible effects of black mould exposure when pregnant (birth defects/respiratory problems or possible link to SIDS). My parents have been cleaning some black mould from the living room, so spores were probably flying around. Also have some in the bathroom from condensation, some speckles on the wall where our toothbrushes are kept (leaning on the wall). I'm going to ask midwife when i see her tomorrow, and please forgive how neurotic i sound. Just couldn't bear for anything to happen to bub :-( x

PigletJohn Wed 04-Jun-14 10:13:03

There are spores everywhere, all the time. They grow and multiply in moist conditions, typically when people drape wet washing inside the home, or when a bathroom is badly ventilated, sometimes in winter if bedroom windows are kept shut.

When cleaning mould and mildew, it is easier to clean off if it is sprayed or wiped with dilute bleach or other mould killer first and allowed to dry. It comes off easier when dead.

freakedmum Wed 04-Jun-14 10:54:01

Thanks, its been removed in the main part of the house, just the speckles in the bathroom really worrying me, as its been there all through my pregnancy. Any other opinions appreciated x

sammyad Wed 04-Jun-14 11:15:39

We're in the process of moving out of a rental which has been riddled with the stuff- completely ineradicable as well- to the extent I had a constant nasal drip and night coughing, and DP developed digestive problems... Needless to say when we realised what was causing it and the extent of the problem, we bailed out very quickly, and have been staying at my Mum's. I was worried about baby, but midwife and GP have both said if everything seems fine - baby moving well, heart sounding fine and looking good on any scans- there's unlikely to be a problem caused by mould. They're very well protected in there so try not to worry!

sammyad Wed 04-Jun-14 11:19:18

(To give an idea of extent, and hopefully make you feel better about bathroom spots- suitcases and backpacks we stored in the perfectly normal looking under stairs cupboard emerged covered in mould within a month. Once we started looking for it we found it under carpets, behind kitchen panels, filling the entire loft, and on closer inspection what we thought was an old water mark on our bedroom ceiling was a downgrowth from loft... UGH.)

freakedmum Wed 04-Jun-14 11:24:53

Wow sammyad, that does sound gross! So sorry to hear you both suffered health problems.
My baby has so far been perfectly normal in any checkups, so hopefully all will be fine, i expect i am stressing unnecessarily.
Thanks for sharing your experiences :-) x

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