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Labour or something else?

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Allinson2014 Wed 04-Jun-14 07:37:50

Had tightenings all day yesterday which gradually got stronger. Went to hospital at 7 and they were full so had to wait an hour to be seen. In that hour they increased in strength a lot. Was monitored and trace confirmed tightenings (I think I had five in 40 minutes or something). Blood pressure was up from 100/60 to 140/80 and there was ++ protein. I know that both of those can be a sign of preeclampsia but the midwife was more concerned that it was a UTI and I'm awaiting the results of that back sometime today. Had an internal and they advised I wasn't dilated and so not in active labour. Was given a choice whether to stay or come home and I came home

Since arriving home I've had regular tightenings. They are almost exactly 10 mins apart and strong enough to wake me even when I've had paracetamol. I should point out I've had two previous sections and I am booked in for a third section in ten days.

So I'm not sure what to do now. Do I wait for UTI results or do I need to phone the unit and let them know I'm still contracting? They did seem to think it would probably die down overnight but it certainly hasn't. I've never been in labour before but these contractions do feel as if they might be strong enough to do something eventually. They don't feel like the usual braxton hicks.

YellowStripe Wed 04-Jun-14 07:43:15

How many weeks are you?

Allinson2014 Wed 04-Jun-14 07:52:31

37+3. Sorry, forgot to mention that crucial detail, it's been a long night.

YellowStripe Wed 04-Jun-14 07:54:57

Worth a phone call - even just to put your mind at rest.

RoseberryTopping Wed 04-Jun-14 08:03:07

Definitely ring them again.

Allinson2014 Wed 04-Jun-14 08:42:06

I will ring them again I think. They seem to have eased a little now to every 20 mins rather than 10. Will have a bath and see how I am then.

Isabelleforyourbicycle Wed 04-Jun-14 08:53:03

I had a UTI at around 36 weeks which caused me to have a few days of very painful tightenings. Literally bent double in pain. 5 day course of antibiotics sorted it out. The first urine test my mw did didn't show any obvious infection but she sent it off to be tested (culture grown?) to be doubly sure and it came back as a UTI.

Push for more testing if you can. Fwiw, it also made me very miserable and tearful, but no other symptoms.

YellowStripe Wed 04-Jun-14 13:09:52

How's things, OP?

Allinson2014 Wed 04-Jun-14 17:50:10

Still having tightenings. Also had a show this morning. Rang the hospital and they want me to stay at home until contractions are 5 mins apart. They seem to have eased off a little so I'm hoping for a quiet night tonight and then things happening in the early hours and my section first thing, although that's probably wishful thinking.

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