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Feeling low

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Barbsta Wed 04-Jun-14 00:16:18

Guessing it's just my hormones but I'm really clingy to my husband and want to make the most of our time left. Problem is I have 3 weeks left have to move into my mams for a week then our new place so there is so much to do. We are both stressed and snappy and we aren't getting any quality time at all. I'm worried my husband is going to dread spending time with me and the baby when she gets here when he realises how hard it will be. He tells me I'm being daft because it was a joint decision to have the baby but I'm just scared how it's going to effect the marriage. Just needed a rant sad

MrsWones Wed 04-Jun-14 16:30:27


I've had the exact same conversations with my husband. We have not been together long and although baby was planned it is still a huge step.

Moving into your mums and then back out again sounds stressful too.

I was very clingy to my husband at first (for various reasons) but mainly felt really overwhelmed. Can you have a night that is just for the two of you, around all the packing etc. Like a date night or afternoon at the weekend. It can be cheap, nice meal in or fish and chips on the sofa. You could even have a no baby talk rule for that time, although that's not always easy!

Hope you feel better soon and a week at your mums will go quick and you can nest in your new place. smile

Barbsta Wed 04-Jun-14 20:04:58

Thanks I keep trying to arrange time together but something always comes along and I feel like I'm the only one trying. I don't think he realises how little the time will be together stress free and once he does realise it will be too late which is frustrating for me. I think I just really need him to make an effort right now but he's wrapped up in everything else and he is really busy

MrsWones Thu 05-Jun-14 16:29:56

I think that some men suddenly go into provider overdrive when they find out their going to be a dad. They are suddenly hit with the responsibility to provide and be the one who can be dependable and it can seem overwhelming for them. I think that's why they throw themselves in to doing other things to provide/help, however unhelpful it might seem to us.
I wonder if telling him you need him to be wrapped up and busy in things but can he direct some of that towards you so that you can be rock solid when baby arrives?
I hope you work it out and you said he wanted the baby as much as you. When she arrives he'll probably never want to leave either of you.

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