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First trimester and hayfever woes!!

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AMI88 Tue 03-Jun-14 21:19:54

I'm suffering somewhat terribly at the moment with hayfever, the damp muggy weather makes it ten times as bad, I asked pharmacist for some tablets and he said no you will have to suffer until you reach 12/13week mark arrgggghhh!

Any genius herbal remedies? I know some people reccomend eating locally made honey, but as I live in central London, there isn't any! sad

ohthegoats Tue 03-Jun-14 21:28:47

Ooh, what can I take now at 23 weeks? I was told by a pharmacist that I can't take anything.

AMI88 Tue 03-Jun-14 21:32:12

Eye drops in second trimester- eye drops alone wouldn't be enough for me, feel like scratching my face off!

omuwalamulungi Tue 03-Jun-14 21:37:10

I got a non medicated inhaler thingy from Boots. I've unfortunately left it at my boyfriends house 4000 miles away so I don't know what it's called, but it's definitely not 'medicine' based. I was sceptical but its great.

Mine also got so bad I just took the bloody tablets, baby is a strapping one year old now.

Rikalaily Tue 03-Jun-14 21:37:33

You can take Piriton, your GP can prescribe it. I was prescribed it at 9w with my last baby as I developed gestational rhinitis.

Rachybu Tue 03-Jun-14 21:43:04

Oh, poor you, AMI88 - I've been suffering too, it can be awful!

I don't have any daytime tips, but the best thing I've found that helps me to suffer less at night is to shower as soon as I get in - I suffer worse in the eve/at night and I've found that having a quick shower to rinse off the pollen, esp. hair, helps me suffer less and get better sleep (and not wake up with such goopy eyes). Try not to rub your eyes whilst you shower or you can rub the pollen in (bitter experience!). Also leave your clothes outside your bedroom if you can. I get hubby to shower off the pollen too and leave his clothes outside too. I also close all doors/windows by about 4pm/5pm and try not to go outside at dusk when the pollen starts to fall.

Nettle tea is supposed to help, but I don't know if it is safe in pregnancy - you'll need to check that if you want to try it. I've also been told that putting Vaseline around your nostrils can help stop the pollen going up your nose so much, but I can't quite stand the stickiness, so don't really know if it works.

Hope this helps a bit. smile

ClaretAndBlue30 Tue 03-Jun-14 21:53:07

Hayfever is awful, you have my sympathies.

I use prevalin allergy nasal spray (got mine in boots but it's sold elsewhere too) midwife says it's fine (as does lots of googling!) it's not as powerful as tablets but it keeps it at bay a bit.

Also as suggested before shower before bed, wash bedding frequently, sleep with windows shut etc. Oh and my sister swears by wearing sunglasses in the car as the pollen sets off her hayfever coming through the air vents!

Hope it clears up for you!

ViviPru Tue 03-Jun-14 22:44:12

My GP has prescribed nasal spay too which is what I usually use and works for me anyway. He says it's perfectly safe and being as it's on prescription it's now free too since my exemption card came through today yay smile

AMI88 Tue 03-Jun-14 23:16:07

Thanks guys much appreciated!! Off to see GP tomorrow so will badger them! X

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