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pink discharge & light spotting at approx 6 weeks, please help!

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Seasidedolly Tue 03-Jun-14 21:15:06

Hi all
I'm approx 6 weeks (Don't have an appointment with midwife until approx 10 weeks), but today I went to the toilet and saw very pale brown discharge, then pale pink, and I've just been to the toilet again and had a very very small amount of red blood.

As its gone 9pm shall I just keep an eye on it and ring my DR's in the morning? We're going away to NYC & Barbados on Sunday so I'm also worried that if I am going to miscarry it will be whilst I'm out of the country, although I don't suppose there is anything I can do about that!

Also, it its any worse should I call work and take tomorrow off as sick leave?

Thanks all in advance smile

MrsCouchman Tue 03-Jun-14 21:47:14

If you are worried I would call nhs direct xx

MrsWones Wed 04-Jun-14 11:51:51

If you are worried call your doctor or the local Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit. I called mine as I was spotting and they were lovely.

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