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Nausea and meal planning

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PilauMice Tue 03-Jun-14 17:07:42

Whinge alert

I feel really sick but I need to do a 2 week meal plan and an online shop. Ugh. I don't want to eat anything!

MrsMonkeyBear Tue 03-Jun-14 18:11:16

I was like this and all I wanted was takeaways n crap. The first 12 weeks for me were rather expensive regarding food as I would walk around the super market and buy a ton of stuff I fancied at the time only to not want any of it when I got home. Toast with peanut butter became a good friend.

Buy your shopping but keep meals simple and bland but can easily be made spicy, garlicky etc for DP. For example, chicken, mash and veg or pasta and sauce. Also think snack food too.

Just try to eat as it may help with the nausea.

lighteningmcmama Tue 03-Jun-14 20:42:48

I remember this. Just doing the shopping made me feel sick, and I shop online too. And it was so tough to meal plan bc I had no idea what I'd want to eat the next day. It does get easier!

PilauMice Wed 04-Jun-14 14:00:59

I mostly bought hash browns.

MrsCouchman Wed 04-Jun-14 14:06:20

I realised whilst shopping today that I've put it off for so long because it makes me feel so sick! Countless times I nearly abandoned the trolly today! Safe to say I have bought a lot of rubbish!

TwigletFiend Wed 04-Jun-14 14:06:24

Definitely stick with plain stuff you can use in a variety of ways - carbs are your friend when you're queasy! Jacket potatoes, pasta etc. Maybe avoid anything strong smelling or that you have to fry/brown - meat was a killer for me for ages. Couldn't stand the smell! I bought a whole load of the freshly prepared ready meals for DP to eat (he doesn't cook, so something he could just shove in the oven was great) and lived on salad, plain jacket spuds and pasta with cheese and a dollop of ketchup for weeks!

I had to throw meal planning out the window in the early weeks - it would have been a waste of money because it took me hours to decide what I could stomach each evening. If I'd planned and made something specific, you could guarantee it was the last thing I wanted come dinner time!

I lived on toast, cereal, baked potatoes and chips mainly blush

aroha77 Wed 04-Jun-14 23:27:02

I have pretty much just eaten jacket potatoes with cheese for 9 months!

VaselineOnToast Thu 05-Jun-14 20:29:21

It sucks, doesn't it? All I wanted at the beginning was tinned ravioli. Stocked up on that.

Get stuff that is quick and easy to prepare. Even those cheapo mini margarita pizzas can be jazzed up with veggies and stuff.

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