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advice needed please....

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LucyJones Thu 25-Mar-04 16:55:33

Hi. I'm due on March 30th. I saw my midwife on Tuesday and she said my next appointment would be at the hospital next week (April 1st) when i would only be a couple of days overdue. The hospital just phoned to say my appt is April 8th if I haven't had the baby. So I won't be seeing any one at all next week. Does that sound right to you? Shouldn't someone still be checking my blood pressure and urine? TIA

PCPlum Thu 25-Mar-04 17:13:19

During my pregnancies I usually had at least one appointment per week during the last 4 weeks. I think it's the standard practice but I suppose a lot depends on whether this is your first pregnancy or whether you've had any problems.

LucyJones Thu 25-Mar-04 17:18:42

Thanks. It's my 1st pregnancy and haven't had any problems so far....

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 17:21:16

lucy i am sure your gp wouldnt mind giving you a check up in between the dates

PCPlum Thu 25-Mar-04 17:32:37

Do you just see the hospital midwife, or do you have a community mw most of the time and then just see the hospital mw for scans etc? If you have a community mw he/she may not know that your appointment has been put back so it could be worth giving them a ring to ask for an extra appointment.

LucyJones Thu 25-Mar-04 18:03:04

Have just seen a community midwive so far. i tried ringing but it was a mobile and no answer!

LucyJones Thu 25-Mar-04 18:37:47

Was also wondering what will happen at the hospital appt. Will it be a general check or will it be a sweep? I'm a bit nervous about that as tried to have sex the other night and it was really painful so worried about anything being put up there if you know what I mean (can't believe i'm writing this!)

fio2 Thu 25-Mar-04 18:44:08

they dont usually sweep you, please dont worry

PCPlum Thu 25-Mar-04 18:59:29

They will usually just be checking that you and the baby are fine as you are. They won't do a sweep at the appointment. If they think you're likely to need one they will talk it over with you and arrange another appointment for it to be done. It's highly unlikely that they'll want to do anything like that if you're only a week overdue and it's a problem-free pregnancy.

LucyJones Thu 25-Mar-04 19:00:29

Thanks guys! Feeling a bit happier now Can't wait to have all this over with - it's like waiting for an exam but obviously the outcome is much more exciting!

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