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Nub Theory...

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18yearsoftrying Fri 30-May-14 19:27:46

To be believed or not?

The nub on my most recent scan I believe is VERY clear and it's got me wondering smile

I may be a complete wally though & it might not be the nub at all!!

Any experience of the nub theory from you please?

Firstpregnancy2014 Fri 30-May-14 20:01:27

I'm interested too! What do you believe your having and when do you find out? I find out in 3 weeks... Any ideas based on my scan?! I'm desperate to hear some success stories but a lot of people on here havnt updated their threads after the original post!

GingerRodgers Fri 30-May-14 20:24:00

Well it was right with my dd and a private gender scan has confirmed it with this one but it's not due for a while yet so can't be 100% sure smile

Boogles91 Fri 30-May-14 21:50:53

I had a feeling right from looking at our lil bean at 9wks he was a boy....and he is :D x

Poshsausage Sat 31-May-14 09:17:01

Mine was correct for boy

Marmaladecat1 Sat 31-May-14 09:24:46

Mine was incorrect for a boy

Marmaladecat1 Sat 31-May-14 09:24:49


Marmaladecat1 Sat 31-May-14 09:25:10

I don't think I'll bother this time sad

jasmine31 Sat 31-May-14 09:31:33

Correct for us (girl).

Firstpregnancy2014 Sat 31-May-14 09:59:36

On my photo that I've uploaded I think the nub tilts up slightly ? But only slightly so would this be a boy or a girl?! I spend ages lookig at it!

miracle0812 Sat 31-May-14 10:05:37

If it's slightly then girl if it's straight up then boy.
Worked on my girls and my friends scans too x

Firstpregnancy2014 Sat 31-May-14 10:25:50

So cause mines slighty on the attached photo according to the theory more likely to be a girl?

Fissawissa Sat 31-May-14 14:29:32

It was right for us too - we are expecting a boy.

VJONES1985 Sat 31-May-14 15:59:38

I'm 28w now and we know what we're having. Here's my 12w scan pic - anyone wanna guess and see if they're right?? :-)

GingerRodgers Sat 31-May-14 17:08:16

VJones is it a boy?

VJONES1985 Sat 31-May-14 17:11:22

It is!

GingerRodgers Sat 31-May-14 17:28:28

Yay! Congrats!

ImBrian Sat 31-May-14 17:32:09

At our nt scan we were told boy and shown some very male looking bits. I've been looning at the nub but still not sure. First pregnancy I think that looks girly.
Here's dcs scan pic if anyone wants to guess.

miracle0812 Sat 31-May-14 22:29:22

Yes first pregnancy according to theory it is slight tip.. Girl I can't see anyone's pics hmm
There is also the skull theory! When my friends post 12 week scan photos on fb I always guess what I think from skull shape as they say girls are more rounded and boys masculine I am 24 in a row guessed right!!! Never looked at nub theory till I was looking at my 2 daughters old scans and realised how clear it was!
Awaiting to find out 3 baby's sex of friends hopefully I can carry on the trend and get to 27! Feel free to show me your pics but tell me how I see them first lol!
I only ever say if I'm 100% sure sometimes if scan isn't clear or in a strange face on position I can't tell

MrsCK Sat 31-May-14 22:36:29

Following this with interest!

ImBrian Sat 31-May-14 23:05:03

Miracle mines at the top of my post. I'll stick it in my profile as well

Firstpregnancy2014 Sat 31-May-14 23:41:36

Miracle mine is on my post too! Dying to know your opinion! smile

StrawbsAndCream Sun 01-Jun-14 00:07:42

Following with interest too! I've been wondering since our scan, I'll attach a picture if anyone wants to guess?!
Which part is the nub? I thought the longer white line was part of the leg and the line underneath was the nub? But I have no clue smile

ImBrian Sun 01-Jun-14 07:45:25

Strawbs I'm not sure it looks flat and is forked which is girl but it lookalike it's coming out the top if that makes sense which I think is more boy.

ImBrian Sun 01-Jun-14 07:46:32

The nubs the white bit (I think).

First I still think yours is a girl smile

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