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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Thu 29-May-14 17:35:08

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.

There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

MOH's wonderful website is full of useful information on this illness:
Another invaluable website is:
If you need help in obtaining medication, this phone number is
024 7638 2020

Lastly, the NICE guidelines on treatment are useful:!prescribinginfosub

I would like to thank Everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on this and on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.
So many women on this thread have thought they couldn't get through this, but they did.

Oklahoma Thu 29-May-14 17:43:41

<nabs comfy chair>

LucindaE Thu 29-May-14 17:43:53

OK, cushions spread about, loos in close proximity just in case.

PunkStar Thu 29-May-14 17:48:51

Living I love getting updates. You are on the road to freedom, I think only fellow hyperemesis sufferers can share in the absolute joy!

I feel close to tears that I'm nearly at the end!

livingzuid Thu 29-May-14 18:04:19

<curls up with duvet in the corner with beanbag>

punk this time next week your baby will have arrived and hopefully you'll be home stuffing yourself with pate, wine, soft cheese, and/or any other of your favourite foods you can't have. Tomorrow is the beginning smile

I am contracting it's pretty cool to see on the monitor! Went from nothing to wowzers but so far just feels like bad period pains. I have been told to start practicing my breathing as they anticipate getting me into labour tonight smile

I'm not allowed to eat very much which is fine by me. Dh ate my dinner which looked disgusting. With hg did those who have had dcs already avoid hospital food? I honestly can't think of eating!

kalidasa Thu 29-May-14 18:16:41

So exciting living. It won't be long! We are all cheering for you.

Thanks for the new thread lucinda.

Here I am inching closer and closer to the inevitable first vomit. Got so so close this morning, retching horribly, but have stayed in bed pretty much all day and have managed to avoid it so far. SO boring though, and lonely too. But obviously the longer we can postpone the vomiting the better given what happened last time. At least I still feel a bit like myself.

starrynight123 Thu 29-May-14 18:47:11

Oh living soooo exciting!! Really hopeful it's all over for you very soon! Mmm... pate on fresh bread... omg, sounds so good!!

kalidasa with you on how boring it all is. I think this experience will make me appreciate 'normal' life so, so much more once it is all over. For me, it was worst when I couldn't even look at a computer screen.

SassehMonsta Thu 29-May-14 18:53:58

eeeeks exciting Living - can't imagine that will be me in 6 months time!

Thanks to all who expressed concern re: me working still - I'm only 11+3 today, so early days, but need to keep working as I work for a one man business! We have just taken on a new staff member (yay, 3 of us!) but he only started Tuesday..... Sometimes I am up for working, other times I am really not. Sadly I need to keep up my hours for maternity pay etc, and as I don't earn much the more I can do now, the better off I will be on maternity. Trying to keep my earnings (on my 0 hour contract) above the �110 a week mark on average for another couple of months... urgh. At least my boss is understanding, hes become a subsititute Grandfather & calls me if I am not well or he hasn't seen me in a while or he wants to waffle about trains...

I'm feeling a lot better this afternoon, despite my sicky morning. I stuffed some food down at half 4 (bad move) but it stayed down enough for me to go to Tesco and Game after picking DH up from work.

The problem with me not driving is that I work 35 mins drive away, with no public transport out to my work (it used to be a secret military base in the cold war, so middle of nowhere!) and my DH doesn't drive at all (hasn't even got a provisional license). Plus, while we have a local shop, Tesco is over 2 miles away and as vegans we kinda don't get a lot of choice at the local one-stop.

Good luck Kali with avoiding the vom for as long as possible!

Off to Wales (4-5 hours drive away) tomorrow for 4 days. Luckily, I have blagged bullied my younger brothers to let me have the front seat in my dads car (phew) so I can nap and map read occasionally (he knows where to go!). Got my stash of sandwich bags ready packed, along with my stemetil and ketosticks, oh the glamour. Bring it onnnn! (Thank goodness we've got an apartment to share rather than a hotel room!)

starrynight123 Thu 29-May-14 18:57:46

kalidasa forgot to mention (I think) - have you tried linseeds for constipation? I found them more palatable than stuff like prune juice (makes me gag), because you can nibble them if you want or add them to other food that you can tolerate.

I had a couple of weeks of feeling vaguely human again, except for the nausea, but the sickness came back again yesterday morning :-( Miserable. Been sick since January and was hoping that there would be a respite in the 20swks... but I'm now 29wks and feel miserable :-( Wish I could have an early C-section, but I think i'll get my date on 17th June when I have my next consultant appt.

LucindaE Thu 29-May-14 19:11:35

Livingzuid Cheering you on.
Okla Kali and Starry Hugs.
Sasseh You are very brave to keep working, I don't know how people do.Smiles and sighs about your packing, though I shouldn't smile at all - no joke that these things are necessary. What part of Wales, cariad? (that' s 'dear' in Welsh). The weather here's horrible, I do hope it improves for your trip.
Waves to all, clucks off - as distinct from f***s off...

LucindaE Thu 29-May-14 19:12:49

Sorry Punk lost my bit of message for you - as I said before, you'll be greatly missed when baby arrives.
Apologies to anyone rudely overlooked.

Meerka Thu 29-May-14 19:52:39

living I missed several posts, only just caught up - oh gosh, you will be in the thick of it now!

really hoping for you and fingers crossed that it's an easy birth. My goodness you have earned one, if only it works like that!

All the very best <long distance hug>

Meerka Thu 29-May-14 19:57:56

starry tell me to butt out but um, if you are vegan, are the doctors keeping an eye at all on your vitamin and protein levels etc? Sorry to be a worrywort but the nutrition is bad enough for omnivores, I do wonder if being vegan might make a difference to your nutrition levels. Sorry :/

mampam Thu 29-May-14 20:18:03

Good luck Living I hope it all goes smoothly for you and I'm salivating at the mention of pate!

Sasseh you are one heck of a woman carrying on working whilst going through this smile

Tuesday and Wednesday were good days for me smile I didn't vomit once. I really thought I was finally on the mend but unfortunately I'm paying for it today sad

PunkStar Thu 29-May-14 20:39:46

Oooo hardcore Sasseh working and travel!
On the vegan discussion, I'm a vegetarian so not quite in the same league, but a worry with hyperemesis is B12 deficiency, also a potential problem for those of us who are veggie or vegan. I've tried to take pregnacare tabs for as much as possible throughout pregnancy (although there were many weeks where I couldn't look at them)
Might be worth getting some if you haven't already although they are costly.

Starry you are getting so close, just gotta keep your head down. I've had a fluctuating course since 20 weeks with some good days and some horrid.
Working made it worse and doing nothing helped!
Are you having an elective CS?

Kali you're doing well! Can you manage audiobooks? Actually I think it was post steroid initiation I managed these. Nothing is quite like the hyperemesis live hour to hour...

Go on Living, hoping further progression and next message will be good news!

Booboostoo Thu 29-May-14 20:46:30

Marking my place on the living live birth thread!

livingzuid Thu 29-May-14 21:03:32

Hehehe well we made it to the delivery room. I have to have the iv induction soon. Back contractions mainly and dh is doing a grand job of back rubs. At 4ish centimetres 2 hours ago so I can only hope that's more now!

SomeSunnySunday Thu 29-May-14 21:17:29

Keep going, living! So excited for you!

Sasseh (and others), last time I was pregnant and sick, my brilliant friend who works in a theatre gave me a tub of powder stuff which the theatre sprinkle on vomit. You leave it to dry then just Hoover it up, and it's all sanitised and smell-free. It was ace, essential for car vomits. Can't remember it's name though, it was a fairly industrial looking product. Will research for you.

kali, I hope you can postpone the vomit for as long as possible. I am developing a near phobia of being sick, I get a panicky feeling when it starts.

Had a couple of good-ish days here. Saw midwife today, all very uneventful. Am mildly annoyed at the amount of commercially sponsored crap literature (and numerous straight adverts) which she sent me away with, guess I'm just not in the mood to do the pink-and-flowery-super-excited side of pregnancy yet.

SassehMonsta Thu 29-May-14 21:23:41

Lucinda, I'm off to North Wales, to stay at Pontins up there! But plan is to head into Snowdonia (Conwy Valley is a fav) and then hit the beach at Llandudno (but only if it's raining, we only do seaside in the rain there!). Spent a lot of time there in Betws-y-coed as a child, so revisiting there is a must, especially the cafe next to the train station!

Yes, keeping an eye on B12 intake. Finding that Engevita (with B12 - its a nutritional yeast flake) can help to chuck in or on stuff, and was taking multivits until I just threw them all up again. Think my mother bought me some B12 (amongst everything else she threw at me!) As for protien, theres protien in everything, even potatos. To be honest, as long as I get food to stay down I don't care too much what it is, like so many others on here. When I can eat, its lots of beans, humous, vegetable soups and beanburgers.

And yes mampam, Tues and Wed were OK for me too! Just not so good today. Boo.

The working thing again - I have to, for every hour I'd usually work that I don't, my boss looses �4. If I keep bleeding money out the business, then I wont have anyone to pay my maternity or a job to go back to!

Living - can't wait! :D Good luck!

starrynight123 Thu 29-May-14 21:28:14

meerka and punk I'm not vegan but am not eating a lot of meat during the pregnancy - pretty much gone off it, except for the odd bit of ham or chicken! But I am eating cheese and other sources of protein like beans/lentils sometimes. I have take about a pack of pregnacare tablets but it's getting harder to take them... haven't had any in a few weeks now. Perhaps I ought to start taking them again!

Ugh. Slowly, slowly getting there... punk yup, I'm having an elective c-s. I think it will be towards the end of July or something like that because my actual due date is 2nd August, and the consultant told me it will be around a week before this. I just want the baby out already!!

starrynight123 Thu 29-May-14 21:32:06

some that product sounds like a miracle! I'd love to know what it is!! I have a phobia of being sick, and if it really makes it so much easier to clear up, then I'd be SO SO SO happy!! Actually so would dh(!) grin

PunkStar Thu 29-May-14 21:53:09

Ah Starry at least you will get a date then, wish it were sooner for you. Same for me I'll be 39+1 when I have CS.
My scan moved my date forward by six days so feel like I've escaped a couple of weeks :-)

Sasseh I've managed humous too! Think I went a month or two without but it's been a little lifeline recently. Managed some pulses in soups, hard work though. You sound like you've got it sussed :-)
But yeah, think we all have crappy diets, I just made myself feel better with vitamins!

Meerka Thu 29-May-14 22:06:44

oops sorry starry I got you and sasseh mixed up and thought you were the vegan! but it sounds like sasseh is okay, nutrition-wise =) as far as anyone with HG is, huh

sasseh hope you have a great time. Brings back happy memories of Wales for me. Such a lovely country.

punkstar, so close too =) hot on living's heels!

starrynight123 Thu 29-May-14 22:21:27

punk so lucky to get your date moved forward!! Really pleased for you!

meerka no worries! Hope all is going well with you and your baby boy :-)

PunkStar Thu 29-May-14 22:22:32

Yeah Living you'd better get a move on, I'm nearly there

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