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My symptoms are getting the best of me :(

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Donkle Sun 25-May-14 19:07:09

Hi ladies,

I'm about 7.5 weeks pregnant and really over the moon to be pregnant, but my overriding emotions for the past 2.5 weeks are apathy and melancholy.

I'm plagued by non stop nausea, migraines, exhaustion and limitless amounts of saliva in my mouth. Like a St Bernard in front of a hog roast on loop. To add to this, in the past 5 days my violent vomiting has begun, I feel like I've dislocated my tongue and I have already bruised my ribs.

My husband just witnessed this and is currently sat in shock staring at me in awe.... It's actually creepy. I haven't thrown up as aggressively since the Norovirus, it's like a scene from the exorcist.

He has been amazing and really shown some beautiful characteristics helping and supporting me, yet despite this I feel totally alone. Others advice has been to eat ginger and sip tea, advice I'd never give anyone in my situation so that makes me feel even more isolated. I don't think they actually get this.

Is anyone going through/or been through the same? Please can you tell me when I should begin to worry about this or seek advice? (I have a midwife app on Wednesday and a doctors on Thursday, during which I hope to get some resolution).

I just want someone to tell me it's normal to feel crippling sickness, that ginger biscuits can go to hell and that they too vomited like a cartoon character.

Sam x

CoolCat2014 Sun 25-May-14 19:32:11

I had non stop nausea and was throwing up 8 times a day, and felt absolutely horrible. Ginger biscuits didn't help, nor did anything else!

Go see your GP, probably a good idea to check you don't have HG, and that you're not dehydrated. They can prescribe anti sickness medication that's safe in pregnacy, and sign you off work if you need it!

Firstpregnancy2014 Sun 25-May-14 19:40:04

Hope it gets better for you soon. I suffered really bad sickness from 7 weeks- it wasn't all day but when it did come it was violent vommiting that really hurt my ribs. My doctor prescribed anti- sickenss medication and it works wonders for me. It doesn't always stop me wretching but it stops the sickness. Also ice pops worked a treat for me ! I'm 13 weeks now and I'm sick every couple of days - mainly now just when I'm overly hungry. Hope you feel better soon and you get the answers you want xx

Donkle Sun 25-May-14 19:52:02

Thanks smile

Can you remember the name of the meds? I might bring it up on Wednesday as if I go on like this I'm just going to be constantly down x

Donkle Sun 25-May-14 19:53:10

I was thinking that I might have too so thanks for suggesting it, I'm on half term at the moment but can't keep on teaching having to run out the room to vomit in the corridor. I've spent more on sick bags than food this month!

Firstpregnancy2014 Sun 25-May-14 20:12:27

Just checked mine and they're cyclizine. I take one in the morning 30 min before I set off on my commute to work and they're great. I've had no negative side effects so I'd definatly ask for some !

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sun 25-May-14 20:49:14

I am on cyclizine as well for severe nausea day n night I take 3 a day one with eve meal seems to help night time nausea. It doesn't go away completely but is better at 13wks I am hoping by 15wks it ends as in my last pregnancy

squizita Sun 25-May-14 21:06:09

Yeah speak to a GP! They can help you.

Ginger biscuits did NOTHING for me. I wasn't sick all the time but when I was it was violent as you say - between weeks 7-10 I mostly ate Nairns oatcakes, babybels and salt and vinegar square crisps with flat fizzy drinks or squash. Sweet and ginger made me gag even more.

Thurlow Sun 25-May-14 21:17:37

Definitely go to your GP. If you're happy to take medication there is a choice available. Cyclizine didn't do it for me, but Stemetil was better. If one doctor fobs you off, see another. You don't have to wait until the point you are near hospitalisation!

It's sort of normal to vomit a lot, but its on the extreme end and you really don't just have to sit there and suffer.

It is normal to feel this shit through grin I pretty much hated being pregnant right up until the late 20w's when things got better. You're hormonal, puking everywhere, not eating, exhausted and probably borderline dehydrated. It's not a happy place! So try keeping some fluids in you and eat plain food that it's ok to throw back up, and see the GP.

Iworrymyselftosleep Sun 25-May-14 21:33:06

Ok if you think you might have hyperemesis then do a little reading as it can worsen quickly. This is my second hg pregnancy and I ended up on a drip for severe dehydration at about 8.5 weeks despite seeking help and having eexperienced it all before.

Drugs mighy be necessary and if they are, you'll know. I couldn't keep any liquid or food down at all. I lost a stone in less than ten days. I couldn't even take a sip of water to take the antisickness meds with, at one stage... Cyclizine as mentioned above is a first line defence and it can work wonders. If it doesn't then make sure you speak up and ask for more ; Im on my sixth type of meds and these limit the vomiting to about 15 times a week at 29 weeks pregnant. There is a Hyperemesis thread on mumsnet which has links to NICE guidelines and is a great source of support and tips and I relied on it heavily when I felt rough (er).

Weigh yourself now. Weight loss is significant and can help getting taken seriously.

Ask for ketone sticks so ypu can yest urine at home to see if you're dehydrated. You can also get them over the counter - 3+ means you need immediate help for dehydration.

I hope ypu feel better soon. Seriously check out the hg thread - lots of fsr superior advice to mine there!

flowers to feel better and congratulations...

sarahquilt Sun 25-May-14 22:16:33

Totally normal. I threw up violently everyday for months.

Ardiente Tue 27-May-14 06:33:49

I am on wk13 and like you have felt so miserable since wk6. The most important thing is to stay hydrated and work out which foods work for you. I survived on almonds, coke and boiled sweets. Not the best diet but needs must. The weaker and more dehydrated, the worse it will get. It is like a vicious circle, so throw everything you can at it. Get help, take medication, acupuncture, anything you think will help. And get tons of rest. One day it will be over.

Lorgy Tue 27-May-14 08:34:57

I'm 33 weeks and still vomiting violently daily which is the same as previous pregnancy so definitely normal in my experience. I have tried a variety of anti sickness tablets and most stopped working after a while but definitely worth persevering. You have my sympathy, it's a hellish thing to go through.

Redling Tue 27-May-14 13:44:57

I vomited up to 6 times a day and felt very tired and weak, but sadly that is kind of normal. I was pretty down but it did wear off at 12-14 weeks and so I didn't feel the need to take any medication for it as it didn't last longer than standard morning sickness. As long as you can keep some food/drink down, even only one type of food like noodles or toast then you'll probably get through and not get dehydrated. It does end. I was surprised and worried like you but it is a horrible few weeks for most people and you will get excited, happy and feel well and blooming at some point!

martha15 Tue 27-May-14 13:53:30

You don't just have to put up with this - go to the GP and get some meds.

Donkle Tue 27-May-14 14:08:16

I've made another doctors app to speak about this on Friday, in two days I've only managed to keep down three crackers with cheese.

Physically I am exhausted. Roll on second trimester...

It is hard to stay positive when feeling this drained and the paranoia of something being wrong seems to be magnified by my exhaustion.

Thanks for all the support, cannot wait to have my energy, personality and sanity back

microferret Tue 27-May-14 14:26:53

You poor thing, you have my full sympathy; MS is debilitating and can make one feel horribly isolated and lonely. This was me about 4 weeks ago. I was UTTERLY miserable at around 6-10 weeks; I felt like a prisoner in my own body, trapped between the triple curses of constant, biting hunger, hypoglycaemia and overwhelming nausea. The sickness and over-salivation has eased off somewhat now although I do occasionally vomit if my stomach is too empty in the morning.

The main thing that I found has helped is a vitamin B6 supplement. I took 20 mg per day at first, which did ease symptoms, but I only noticed a real change (within 3-4 days) when I upped the dose to 40 mg. You can take (I think) up to 100 mg per day with no side effects, although PLEASE verify this with your doctor just in case. Apart from B6, eating a lot of bread helped me - it's good for settling the stomach and soaking up acid. Gaviscon tablets are totally safe during pregnancy and might also help with excess acid. It's a good idea to have some mints or small boiled sweets on your person as well, in case you have a nasty taste in your mouth which makes you feel worse. I bought some ricola herbal ones, they saved me from many a public spewing!

Maybe also get an old towel to put under your face at night so you can just drool into it, swallowing excess saliva is highly unpleasant so if you just let it all run out you might end up feeling better first thing in the morning. It will not be sexy, but that couldn't matter less right now.

Also, leaving the house and getting outdoors for a walk actually improved my symptoms and mood, even though it was often the last thing I felt like doing.

Hopefully it will all be over by around week 14. If it isn't, there is this website for women who suffer badly with morning sickness

Sending support and good vibes your way! smile

Donkle Tue 27-May-14 14:38:05

Microferret that first paragraph actual make me wretch lol!

The towel advice is genius, I have currently got a bowl by my bed I spit into, but given that I have lost all dignity I am totally going to do this.... I might even just tape a sanitary towel to my face so it doesn't slide down! My husband is one lucky fella'

I'll ask my doctor about the B6 on Friday, I do seem to recall someone saying this helped them years ago when discussing their first pregnancy so thank you smile

microferret Tue 27-May-14 14:56:12

Happy to help! God I still sometimes randomly retch just at the thought of certain things... Pregnancy SUCKS. I know we're supposed to think it's all beautiful and magical and be grateful for the opportunity to create life all that bollocks - but let's be realistic. It's bloody hard work.

I never thought about a sanitary towel but that is definitely a smart spin on the idea. It'll be far more absorbent and the top part should stay dry. If you use bandage tape it won't irritate your skin. This is quite a good business idea actually - incontinence pads for the face!

Really hope you feel better soon smile

EddieVeddersfoxymop Tue 27-May-14 15:03:40

I feel your pain too OP! I was throwing up 20-25 times a day, from before I even had a positive test until 22 weeks. Then again from 38 weeks for good measure. I tried all the usual remedies, meds from the dr, was in hospital as I dehydrated badly.....but the miracle cure for me was accupuncture!

I really did not think it would help, but was desperate. My GP offered it free on the NHS but wouldn't treat me will I was over 12 weeks. My first session gave me a huge headache but as I walked home I felt like I was floating on air.....the nausea was gone. She saw me once a week for longer sessions, I actually think it saved my life because I just couldn't carry on. I thought about ending the pregnancy it was THAT bad (sorry, but it's the truth).

Unfortunately, I still throw up 6 years on when my period is due. Bloody hormones.

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