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Help Please

(13 Posts)
Alice1983 Fri 23-May-14 23:08:47

Just after some help please....LMP (25.03.14 or so) Went for a scan, they couldn't see anything, only Gestational Sac. Left it 10 days, went for another scan and could see Gestational Sac, Embryo (or Yolk Sac could be?) and Fetal Pole, no heartbeat or movement. Dr says doesnt look good which I was surprised about given that something that wasnt there before is now there! confused...given me progesterone shock for 7 days and told to go back...bleeding slightly last few days (brown blood, not a lot but probably slightly more than 'spotting) No cramps, some symptoms like sore breasts, tired, hungry...has anyone else been through this? Any advice or views (good or bad) would really be appreciated. A bit stressed to say the least, making me feel like giving up at the moment sad

MrsFtn Sat 24-May-14 18:06:45

Hi Alice I'm sorry you are in this limbo. Early scans can sometimes do more harm than good I think. Did they do an internal scan or just abdominal? I had a scan at 6+4 and they saw a sac with nothing in it. Then 10 days later they did see a fetal pole and heartbeat but measured it at 5-6 weeks (it wasn't a very clear picture though). I now know that I was actually 7+5 then (I have had two further scans since) so they were quite a bit off measuring me at 5-6 weeks. I know this is different to your situation but I think at this early stage you just have to hope for the best. I am now 13 weeks and so far so good. I also had a couple of days of brown spotting after the first scan and feared the worst. I also had bleeding in my first (successful) pregnancy.

I really hope you have a successful outcome and I hope the time passes quickly for you. thanks

Geminiwitch22 Sat 24-May-14 18:19:15

No help but hoping the best for you

RAFWife12 Sat 24-May-14 18:37:02

Bear in mind, when doctors date by LMP they assume a 28 day cycle with ovulation occurring on day 14. This simply isn't the case for a lot of people. If you have long or irregular cycles dates can be off by a week or more.
Do you have another scan booked? No cramping is a really good sign! Bleeding can be nothing, especially if a small amount and dark.

Alice1983 Sun 25-May-14 20:09:51

Hello all, didn't realise anyone had replied to me. Thanks for all the replies. Thanks Mrsftn, it was an internal scan, I just thought it was odd to say that they 'cound't see it going forward' bearing in mind that there was progress from original scan. I think this was due to no heartbeat sad
Thank you Geminiwitch22 thanks
Rafwife12, this is what I am hoping is the case...I hate this wait! sad No, I dont really feel like booking another one, as I am scared now that they will just say the same thing, they are being so negative. I was wondering if it is just best to wait for my 12 week scan. x

VelvetStrider Sun 01-Jun-14 18:59:10

Alice sorry you're going through this, I've been there myself and the waiting and not knowing is horrible.
Please don't put off your scan, for several reasons...firstly, if your pregnancy isn't viable, then sometimes our bodies don't realise this and continue to develop other things associated with the pregnancy - placenta etc. Without going into too much detail a 12/13 week unviable pregnancy will be harder to deal with both physically and emotionally than an earlier one. Secondly, your pregnancy might be developing ok, and it would be much less stressful for you to know that than to worry it's not. Thirdly, the 12 week scans are usually done in a different place to the EPU, and you will be in a waiting room with happy pregnant people, some with big bumps, having 12wk, or 20wk, or later growth scans, and if things don't work out for you you'll have to walk back out through that waiting room.
Best of luck to you.

Alice1983 Sun 01-Jun-14 19:22:08

Thank you for your advice Velvet. I will try to get it booked in earlier privately based on your advice (maybe with another doctor). I will give them a call tomorrow to see if they can fit me in. I am just worried (as they were so negative) that they are just fobbing me off and I will be 'killing' (sorry to sound so crude but didnt know how else to put it) a baby that might be Ok. I just dont know who or what to trust anymore. sad

willitbe Sun 01-Jun-14 19:55:27

Hello Alice, sorry you are going through this stressful time. It is hard with unclear early scans, sometimes they just make things worse.

I am a little unsure why you went for an early scan, I calculate by lmp dates you had your scans at 8+3 and previously at 7w? I had a scan at 7+3 with my dd, which showed only a small sac with no fetal pole, measuring 4 to 5 weeks (so similar to your one). I was made to wait two weeks and at that scan (I was 9+4) they saw a heartbeat, and she was measuring still a week or more smaller. But by 12 weeks I was measuring ahead of dates. The early scans measuring inaccurately were due to a retroverted uterus (the early scans were internal but still measured inaccurately).

What I am saying is that it is possible that things are still ok with your pregnancy. Wait the 7 days and go back for another scan would be my advice. If you have a retroverted uterus, then going elsewhere will not necessarily help, and definitely not if you go too soon.

I am worried by your comment of your concern about "killing" your baby, have they already suggested an ERPC or likewise to you? Or were they suggesting that if the next scan does not show a heartbeat that these would be the way to go? If this is the case then do not do anything until you are convinced that they are correct about the pregnancy failing.

Hopefully you will not have to go through loss of this pregnancy, I know it is hard being in limbo regarding whether a pregnancy is progressing or not. Please try to take one day at a time, try to distract yourself and use the mantra "today I am pregnant", every time you need to, to get yourself through to the point at which you know how things are going.

Alice1983 Sun 01-Jun-14 20:21:15

Thank you Willitbe. I don't know why I went for an early scan, mainly to re-check I was pregnant really as when I went to the doctors they just seemed to take my word and I just wanted reassurance (which has now made it worst confused) I dont know why they didnt mention that it could be due to a retroverted uterus when I went last time. They were just really negative. I have been reading online and this seems to be the option that they give you (ERPC). They said to go back after a week on progesterone and see how it was going, they didnt discuss anything yet, but I am scared they will push me to it (ERPC). When I went to my doctors surgery, and explained re my private scan (when I went to collect some results) she said, hmmmm..there was definately no heartbeat? so I said no...she said, normally there would be by now. Maybe I got my dates completely wrong too because my LMP was 25th March or similar but I could have fallen pregnant beggining of April (as we did it then too blush + time for implantation, etc). Maybe this is the problem?

VelvetStrider Sun 01-Jun-14 20:59:28

They don't tend to rush into ERPCs, which is why so many of us have nervous waits for rescans, even when we know something's not right. No doctors want to assume miscarriage and perform surgery when a pregnancy is wanted and viable. Your doc seems to be a bit lacking in empathy though - is there someone else you could talk to?

willitbe Sun 01-Jun-14 21:44:02

If there is any progress in the pregnancy, then they will continue the negativity, but not try to terminate generally. The discussion of erpc or the other options will only take place if it is very clear that the pregnancy has no viability. So if you have a scan and the measurements indicate size of over 7 weeks and no heartbeat, or reduction in size of sac/foetus. Try not to worry, you are not at this stage at this time.

I know that the next scan seems a long time away, but all you can do is wait. Please don't try to go for a scan earlier as it really will not help clarify the situation. And yes you could have ovulated later, and not be as far along dates wise, if so, then the next scan could well be much more positive!!!

Let us know how you get on.

Alice1983 Mon 02-Jun-14 19:29:45

Yes, he does lack empathy Velvet! hmm I have spoke to friends, family, etc...and its confusing me even more. He is a private doctor, be sure I will no be going back to see him....if I make another appointment it will be with someone else. Willitbe, what do you mean ovulated later?? confused I just meant that maybe I 'fell' pregnant later...kind of in between my LMP and my next one (which never came) and if they are working out by start of LMP, then the dates will really be out? I mean, surely this must have happened to someone before?

squizita Mon 02-Jun-14 20:44:51

I agree 100% with Willitbe with the caveat that an ERPC is not a termination. Sadly it is the removal of an embryo which has already died, which is why it can take scan after scan before they're sure (for some of us, this can be equally painful to the worry of not knowing).

Also avoid Dr Google, there are some strange and scary (American) sites out there which confuse the situation and make it sound like Drs want to kill babies. This does not happen in the UK - they are very cautious indeed.

Do wait for the next scan: if you conceived later than expected, you need that extra time for the embryo to grow. Otherwise they'll just recommend yet another scan.

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