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Ante Natal Care St Mary's - no midwife/other appointment as yet at 13 weeks PG

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megly Fri 23-May-14 15:58:08

I'm not sure whether I am unusual but.....I'm almost 13 weeks pregnant and haven't seen a midwife let alone been offered one of - what seem to be standard - tests??
In terms of a little more background...luckily (?!) I've been at the RMC at St Mary's, due to a partial molar and other miscarriages. (During which they indentified an inherited Blood disorder, factor five leiden). Which has meant that i have had scans every two weeks to check for a heart beat, which is why I know that I am indeed 13 weeks tomorrow and that the baby is alive. They have now discharged me.
However, despite two referrals from my GP (the second one after I mentioned I had heard nothing from St Mary's) and now two (the second only this week) from the RMC to the antenatal clinic at Paddington all I have had is a letter asking me to attend at midwife appointment which arrived at the end of last week requesting that I attend in Shepherds Bush, this Wednesday (I would have been 12wks5). It was for the same day and time that I had a long standing final scan at the RMC. I called daily and wrote emails but never got through to the right department on the phone to request a different date (the admin department can't change bookings) and the emails were never answered. I am due to go away for two weeks from next week and will miss the window for a nuchal scan as a result. I have still heard nothing about a first midwife meeting.
Is this normal? In a way it's quite relaxing having no intervention what so ever, other than to know the baby is alive, but mainly it is terrifying to have had no guidance or testing. this is a first pregnancy and I am an older mother (37) with the complications/history above..

redexpat Fri 23-May-14 16:21:59

No thatsnnot normal. Do they have a drop in clinic you could rock up to? Can you get your gp to chase it up again? Otherwise try pals for advice. Youve been let down on 2 fronts and its not ok.

eurochick Fri 23-May-14 16:24:34

No, that is definitely not normal.

megly Sat 24-May-14 07:59:44

I've been to the clinic twice now to try and locate them in person. The first time they just said they would get back to me (this is 4 or so weeks ago). Last time, Wednesday, the clinic was shut for a student day and no one in the entire hospital seemed to have an ability to contact them/take the 2nd referral letter from the RMC or otherwise connect me.
With thanks to Mumsnet I've found the FMC on Harley Street, as missing the nuchal scan entirely (mid week next week would be the latest) is really NOT ok. So I'm going to pay and go there. I know I absolutely cannot trust the NHS and there is simply no way they are going to sort this out by next week. Previous experience suggests that they will send another letter, it will arrive 2 weeks after it was sent and 1 week after the suggested appointment. All of which will be a long time after the scan window has closed..

Messygirl Sat 24-May-14 08:35:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megly Sat 24-May-14 15:05:48

Thanks so much and I think from what I am now hearing, the NHS and St Mary's in particular is terrible with admin and things do drop through the cracks. I've called so many numbers so many times and always ended up being put through a number that drops or the wrong hospital. Also tried going in person as I said. Good to hear re the mid wife helping, but I don't yet have one and accessing them as been the same story.
The main outcome has been a really good one which is finding the FMC which is indeed way better. I'm lucky that I can afford it so will continue with them through all the scans. This way I get better scans when I need them. I will however make a complaint, more for the sake of others who can't afford an alternative option.
As to what happens when I get to the birth, it seems saving for private is the answer..

SweetPea3 Sun 25-May-14 10:10:00

Cheapest option for private (if you want to give birth on a private ward) is a private midwife-led delivery (rather than using an Obst). I believe it may also be even cheaper if you 'sign up' after about 30 weeks (that is the case for consultant-led, anyway).

To give you an idea, these are the prices for the Kensington Wing at C&W:
(the first section is about the midwife-led package. The second section is about consultant led, but you have to add about another £7.5k onto that for the consultant's fees!)

This is info for the Lindo Wing at St Mary's, but I can't find prices listed for the midwife-led option (I think it exists...):

Did you see my post on your other thread (which seems to be an accidental duplicate?)

eurochick Sun 25-May-14 10:12:39

I've had my 12 and 20 week scans at the FMC and they were brilliant.

squizita Sun 25-May-14 11:27:52

There is an issue with their computer system, bookings are hell at the moment. Contact PALS IMMEDIATELY and they will sort you out.

They need to sort it out tbh, the new computers have created loads of issues for me too.

squizita Sun 25-May-14 11:28:53

Also ask Yash, she can also help! Mr Rai and Prof Regan work for the main ante natal too.

megly Tue 27-May-14 17:25:03

Thanks so much everyone and yes Sweatpea it is indeed an accidental double post! The first didn't appear to work at first..

FMC is indeed amazing, quite the polar opposite of the NHS and totally worth the money. Feel almost grateful to have been pushed in their direction smile Nuchal scan result is 1: 2808 and they seem keen to do Harmony as well....another decision to make. It seems to me that 2808 is pretty good so Harmony less necessary?

As for the NHS, still nothing. I did try the ward in person today (they can't help but gave me a number for the maternity helpline), tried the maternity helpline, it said it was shut and only open until 6pm (this was 4.30pm!!) and also PAL, also couldn't get through. So I guess I will keep on trying when I can but otherwise try to work out how to afford to do this privately. I don't have health insurance that will cover it unfortunately.

And who knows, one day, I may even hear from the NHS;)

Squizita, I did know that Mr Rai (who I first saw) and Prof Regan are at the ante natal too which is why I was referred there. Unforunately as you say their system is an appaulling mess. I think they do know this but seem powerless to help. Everyone says only the central booking system can make bookings, but when I do get through to them, they say they can't for the bookings I need...I actually don't think I have the energy to navigate the mess anymore..

squizita Tue 27-May-14 18:50:55

Just email PALS... I did and was sorted out instantly.

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