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33+5, baby weighs 5lb 2. Too fat?

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Ilovebean Fri 23-May-14 12:31:28

Hi All.

I had a scan today, I'm 33+5 and it's estimated that the baby weights 5lb 2. The midwife said that this is within the normal range, a little high but nothing to be concerned about. Isn't this a little big though? I still have at least 6 weeks left, doesn't the baby gain 1/2 a week at least?

Sorry if I sound stupid, but this is all new to me.

BEEwitched Fri 23-May-14 12:43:22

There might be a percentile chart somewhere in your notes where the weight/fundal height is charted on a percentile curve. I think anything between 10% and 90% is considered perfectly normal, esp. if baby's growth follows a steady curve.

Looking at my chart the 50% percentile weight at 34 weeks is just under 2500 grams so your baby is actually just under the 50% and a fairly average size. I'm due any day, baby is now just below average and was 2452 grams (5lbs 6) at 34+6.

I hope this helps a bit

BlanketSky Fri 23-May-14 12:49:18

might be totally inaccurate, I wouldn't worry too much. It's hard for them to measure accurately as baby is so big now- according to my FMU consultant as well as mw.

I had a scan with DD at 34+3, estimated weight 6lb8oz, over 95th centile. She was born by elcs at 39+0 weighing 7lb5, bang on 50th centile. DS was the opposite, 50th centile apparently at 36 weeks then born at 39+5 on the 97th...

Boogles91 Fri 23-May-14 12:58:39

Im 32wks and hes weighing 5pounds estm. Aswel...hes being weighing in big all the time and in 4wks it means hes put on 2lb lol but ive heard that the scans can be out by so much. My midwife has told me that they wont let me go full term as im carrying so much fluid and babys said to be big and its my first, plus i have kidney probs n stuffs x

DebH1975 Fri 23-May-14 13:25:50

I had a scan yesterday at 33+6 and the estimate was 5lb 6. The sonographer said it was a completely normal average weight and looking at the graphs she is pretty much bang on the middle average line - so OP I don't think yours is too big sounds just about right

liquidstatehasrisenagain Fri 23-May-14 16:21:19

Mine was 5lbs 1oz at 31+6. Bean has very long limbs though. You could easily still have a small baby.

I was pedicted to have a 9lb baby so will be interesting to see how big bean is when born.

I am more concerned about bean being breech at the moment to be honest.

ChicaMomma Fri 23-May-14 16:51:03

Liquid, mine was breech up until 35+5, flipped down the night before my 36 week scan. COuld feel a pain so knew he was turning. Lo and behold bum replaced by head! Spend as much time on all 4s as you can, check out, i'm sure you're all over it anyway;)

As for size- ilovebean, on those calcs, you'd end up with an 8'1 baby- entirely normal!
Mine was just under 6 yesterday (36 weeks) so i'm on target for 7.5/8 lbs also. Perfect size.

3littlefrogs Fri 23-May-14 17:02:52

Your baby sounds just right in terms of weight.
Position really isn't a worry until 36 weeks, so plenty of time to turn over.

GingerRodgers Fri 23-May-14 17:33:46

Op that's only 8lb by your calculations which is a lovely weight for baby.
The scan weights are not precise so baby could be bigger or smaller.

neversleepagain Sat 24-May-14 10:03:50

Born at 34 weeks my twins were 5lb4 & 5lb8 which is pretty hefty for two babies! My sisters ds was born at 32+1 weighing 5lb5!

frankiebuns Sat 24-May-14 20:21:22

My best friend was told that her baby would be about 10lb by her weight at 34 week scan and they induced her on due date and had a lil boy weighing 6lb 3!

martha15 Sun 25-May-14 22:15:34

Growth scans are famously inaccurate - my DC1's growth scan estimate for weight at birth given after growth scan at 38 weeks was 2.5 pounds out! that's quite a big margin of error.....

VJONES1985 Mon 26-May-14 09:55:04

I've got my first growth scan this Thursday and then one every four weeks. Am a but nervous as I'm diabetic and therefore there is a risk of my baby being overweight. Don't know what to expect but hopefully all will be well!

OP - a baby of just over 8lb at the end sounds just right to me :-)

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