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Facts about those 15 week (ish) blood tests

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Mum2Ela Wed 24-Mar-04 13:37:45

Hi everyone,

I had my booking in with my midwife yesterday and she didn't have any info to gie me to hand about the blood tests they carry out at about 15 weeks.

I remember with DD that I decided NOT to have the tsts, and I am sure I had really good reasons to refuse them (did lots of research) but now I cannot remember.

Does anyone have any info on them please and what the tests can show / not show, how reliable / unreliable they are?



bundle Wed 24-Mar-04 13:46:48

do you mean the double/triple/quadruple tests? they measure levels of hormones in your blood to try and guesstimate your 'risk' (including your age & how pregnant you are) of having eg a downs baby, or a baby with spina bifida. these tests are sometimes done in conjunction with nuchal fold measurement - from scan - which is supposed to make it more accurate. but it's not a diagnostic test, imo it'll only help you to decide whether or not to have one of those (eg amnio, cvs) which will definitively tell you whether your baby has a chromosomal problem. i think women need to decide whether they would do anything (ie terminate) a pregnancy affected by a chromosome problem BEFORE they do the tests. if the answer is no, you wouldn't terminate no matter what then don't bother with them.

here's an article with a few figures in which might help.

ps I had quadruple tests then amnios with both my dds - all turned out fine, but one of the blood tests did give cause for concern (query Edwards syndrome), and I would have terminated if the result had been positive

oliveoil Wed 24-Mar-04 13:50:17

Bundle is right, don't have the blood tests if you aren't going to have any further tests. My friend was told she was high risk but didn't want an amnio and spent the rest of her pregnancy worrying over nothing.

I had blood tests but only for the usual ie blood type and tests for immunities (I think), but I didn't want an amnio so didn't have anything else.

janinlondon Wed 24-Mar-04 15:30:18

Its appalling that the midwife had no info to give you about the tests. How are you supposed to make an informed choice without this? (And I hold my hands up now and say I work in antenatal screening). Everything said here already, I second. The choice should be entirely yours, and it sounds like they are used to just pushing women through the "usual" tests at your antenatal clinic. Insist on being treated as an intelligent individual.

piglit Wed 24-Mar-04 15:36:36

My midwife told me not to have the triple test if I chose to have the nuchal scan. She said something about the results sometimes being contradictory. This is very confusing.

Mum2Ela Wed 24-Mar-04 15:44:04

janinlondon I must stick up for my midwife. She will get me the info when she comes to my home visit next week, she had just run out.

I didn't have the tests the first time round and she was great. I am thinking of not having them this time either, though will speak to DH about it, as I don't think I would terminate the pregnancy.

Mum2Ela Wed 24-Mar-04 15:44:31

piglit, I don't think I get to have a nuchal scan.

piglit Wed 24-Mar-04 15:50:25

Mum2Ela - I have to pay for my nuchal scan but it was "recommended" as I'm nearly 36.

janinlondon Wed 24-Mar-04 15:53:00

Mum2Ela - sorry - wasn't meaning to pick on your midwife personally! And I'm glad she is producing the necessaey info for you. You'd be amazed at how many places just book people in for tests without even discussing it with them. As you can see, its one of my pet hates!

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