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29+5 and not feeling as much movement as yesterday?!

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Lilimum2be Thu 22-May-14 15:32:57

Hey gorgeous people, well it seems my son2be is just as stubborn as his dad and doesn't always give me the same amount of movements each day...some days are brilliant and you can see him moving, punching and kicking and the next I have to egg him on with music etc...
He is most active at night every night...shouldn't he have a routine by now? Please help, this is my longest pregnancy so I'm very anxious about it all....thank you xxx

Wildhorses123 Thu 22-May-14 16:35:30

Hi Lili,
None of mine settled into a routine of active/sleepy times in the womb. I also found that if I was rushing around a lot then I wouldn't feel or notice any movement. Have you tried drinking a glass of ice cold water, lying down and recording the number of movements in an hour? That's what the midwives usually say to do if you're concerned about less movement. And if you continue to feel concerned, do give them a call. They would always rather see you and check you out just in case there is anything up. I did this with 2 of my pregnancies ( because of reduced movement) and both times went to hospital and the baby's heartbeat and movements were monitored for a couple of hours. In both cases all was fine, but they were more than happy to check me out. Good luck and all the best with the rest of your pregnancy.

flymo79 Thu 22-May-14 17:01:01

just wanted to add that I am 29 +5 too and have noticed baby's movements have changed - am thinking she's probably moved and so I'm feeling different and somehow less movements. She does a wiggle if I drink something cold though. Also agree that if you are at all worried you should check with MW

Boogles91 Fri 23-May-14 13:55:18

That sounds like his routine lol our lil mans the same smile im 32wks now and ever since i got to 28wks i noticed his routines...goes for it somedays and then its like hes sleeping and being lazy for a couple of days. Scared the hell out of me lst week, started to engage i had mild period pains across lower back and bump, bump went low, loadsa bh with it and pressure he slowed right down! I waited a couple of days then at weekend he turned back around althoug bump has stayed a bit lower. Punched me right in the flange erlier felt like he was gonna drop out! If he anything like ours its nothing to worry about smile but you can always get checked out if you want a mw reassurance chuck smile always gears up at night aswel, i get more of the legs moving and arms rarther than kicks now. Wensday was a lazy day for him as he was asleep until the sonographer woke him up smile soon went back sleep though -.- i prod my tummy sometimes just to wake him up hehe x

Lilimum2be Fri 23-May-14 14:07:25

My gosh boogles our sons are twins ha ha, sounds exactly the same. He likes to get me in the mooey sometimes too grin often when I'm in a deep sleep ! Little rascal! He has his moments during the day like today he's practising karate and others he'll be doing ballet or sleeping until it's time for me to sleep of course!
I'm glad I'm not the only one with a night owl, seems fairly common which brings me a lot of comfort! I think I would only contact mw if his movements changed over 24 hrs....
Thank you for all your replies!!! Xxx

Boogles91 Sat 24-May-14 05:10:28

Hahaha i know :p ive had lotsa practicing from him today! Arse kept popping up and then an almight thud on me fanny bone lol >.< highly uncomfortable i can tell you! Hes been going for some all night, i have not had much shleepy shleeps tonight, hubby went out for first. Time in months lol and im not used to being on my own thus worked myself up worrying about him sad had about an hours kip so far but i know i will catch up in the day smile carnt wait till our lil buggers here, so i can show him off to you all :D xx

Heatherbell1978 Sun 25-May-14 09:53:47

This sounds just like me at the moment! I'm 28 weeks and noticed a huge difference in the last few days with his movements. Had a few days where he was moving loads, felt like all day and yesterday he was pretty quiet all day but perked up a bit in the evening. My baby doesn't move at all when I'm in bed which I hope is a sign he's going to be a good sleeper! I think as long as you feel 'something' each day. From talking to friends 28 wks seems to be a point where the movements change a lot.

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