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St George's VS UCH for planned C Section

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Em03 Wed 14-May-14 11:46:21


Need some help & info if at all possible.

Newly pregnant and due to medical reasons I am a 'high risk pregnancy' and also need a C section.

I need to get my 'booking in' planned and what hospital and this seems to be either between St George's or UCH.

I know nothing in regards to UCH & have never been there but a friend of a friend is a obstetrician there and has always said that she could carry out my c section etc and she has also done so before on other expecting mums with the same condition as myself.

I have also felt confident in this but now the actual time has come I am a little worried as I know nothing about UCH

Being born at St George's myself and many family members and that also being one of our closest hospitals and also being present at 2 births there I feel I know and have seen for myself how it works there.

Has anyone given birth at UCH?
Had a c section at UCH?
Any information at all would be fab!!

Just so unsure of what hospital to go for and such a big decision!


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