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Can I use a maternity tens machine at 35 weeks for backache?

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saranga Wed 14-May-14 11:04:37

I bought one in prep for the birth but wondered if it is too early to use it to help my hip and back pain?

Any ideas?

flymo79 Wed 14-May-14 11:13:54

advice on mine is not before 37 weeks - your midwife could advise though? Could you get a physio referral?

saranga Wed 14-May-14 11:57:49

Ah - good idea, thank you.

ChicaMomma Wed 14-May-14 12:14:43

I was told i could, asked my consultant last week (i'm 35 weeks tomorrow). If you're struggling with your back maybe meet half way and start at 36 weeks..

my consultant said that if Tens brought on labour, everyone would be at it and nobody would ever go over 40 weeks.. fair point!!!

Darksideofthemoon88 Wed 14-May-14 12:33:18

I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and was told a couple of weeks ago I could use one - just not on my front.

ChicaMomma Wed 14-May-14 12:56:34

On your front?! but it's not meant to be used on your front during labour either? (is that corrrect?)

Darksideofthemoon88 Wed 14-May-14 21:39:20

Well technically you can use them anywhere - she was just warning me not to as putting them on my front could apparently sent me into labour. I have pelvic pain as well as back pain you see - she didn't just think I'm an idiot (hopefully!) grin

saranga Thu 15-May-14 12:34:50

I thought you shouldn't use them on your front because it would hurt the baby?

Darksideofthemoon88 Thu 15-May-14 17:05:56

Dunno about that... I've never used one so I don't know how intense they are, but from what I've been told they can't be enough to hurt the baby... confused

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