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Are Clear Blue Digi reliable?!

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TLouiseP Wed 14-May-14 09:18:28

hello so I had my last period 5th of March and took a test roughly two weeks ago and got pregnant 1-2 which is confusing considering im so late!! Has anyone found these reliable as MW just looked confused lol.X

Standinginline Wed 14-May-14 09:20:58

You add 2 weeks onto it as the clear blue will tell you when you conceived ,but the midwives do how far along you are by counting the weeks from your last period (which is usually 2 weeks before you ovulate ,which is when you would've conceived ).
A doctor a while back did say that they're accurate BUT I was speaking to a nurse the other week who said that the amount of people who are about 8 weeks ,but the clear blue says 2-3 weeks pregnant.

Standinginline Wed 14-May-14 09:22:11

Sorry finished too early. So the amount of people who are actually further long than the test says is quite high apparently. I don't know ,it was accurate when I used it with both pregnancies.

TLouiseP Wed 14-May-14 09:25:38

Yeah am I right in thinking 1-2 means 2-3 weeks pregnant according to the box?
Ive had mixed stories about them and im scared when they scan me in 3-4 weeks ill only be 8 weeks or so instead of 10-12. MW put me down as being 7 weeks last week but can't help think im not that far due to clear blue saying different. X

Standinginline Wed 14-May-14 09:44:12

If it's saying 1-2 weeks ,you'll be 3-4 weeks pregnant. Make sure you're taking the test first thing in the morning as they measure the amount of hormone in your urine to determine how far along you are ; taking it halfway through the day you would've diluted it by the fluids you drink. They do say the ovulate 2 weeks after you've had a period BUT that's just an estimation ,my friend ,from her dates ,ovulated a week after and as did I. So the Clear blue might be more accurate ,the midwife is only calculating it from your first day to your last period.

Jcb77 Wed 14-May-14 11:23:22

I'd say that it tells you if you're pregnant or not. The number can be a bit random. Go by your last period start date for a guide to how far on you are and then be prepared for a bit of wriggle room at your dating scan (on the basis that you don't know when you ovulated. Sperm and egg can survive for variable times so even if you only had sex once, used ovulation sticks and are usually as regular as clockwork, you still don't actually KNoW (short of IVF or a camera inside watching the process......)).

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