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Are there maternity clothes that make you look pregnant?

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Hedgehead Wed 14-May-14 01:57:11

DH's friend is marrying a catwalk model next month in Milan. We are going over there to celebrate their wedding (which will be attended by various other catwalk models.)

Normally I'd feel fine but I'm at that point (3 months, 12 weeks) where I have a mini bump, but it's like a low down fatty globular potbelly, rather than an obvious pregnancy bump. Now I'm going to be surrounded by all these glamazons I'd quite like to look pregnant and not fat.

Obviously going to go for a full length dress as my legs have already chunked up with water retention. There are some maternity tops I have been wearing that appear to arrange my middle into something that looks pregnant rather than plump, but I want a glam dress where I can look mother-earthy.

Is there some maternity wear secret where you can buy something that actually enhances/arranges your bump? Like padded bras or like Kim Kardashian's bum implant pants?

I have tried a few empire line dresses, but they go out over my boobs, then directly in again for most of my torso, then my little preggy paunch sticks out at the bottom making me look a bit like a triangle.

hartmel Wed 14-May-14 02:59:18

Have you tried on any maxi dresses. I find those always sticked out my bump..

CustardFromATin Wed 14-May-14 03:07:38

For me it was actually the tighter ruched dresses like Isabella Oliver, which sort of arrange around the bump, or otherwise a slim-cut maxidress (the really billowy ones all over made me just look fat).

Of course, now I'm on dc4, I look ready to pop by 4 months, which helps (sigh).

Don't worry, though, just drop a few words in the right people's ears and news will get around fast and everyone will be dying to admire your bump! Have fun!

weebairn Wed 14-May-14 06:32:58

Depends on the size of your bump I suppose, but how about just a close-fitting, non-maternity tight dress - one made of material with some stretch? Like a body con dress?

I would avoid anything loose at this point as I think it just makes you look bigger rather than pregnant. I am 20 weeks and feel a lot better wearing tightly fitted stuff, mostly non-maternity, but I have a rather small bump, and if I wear anything less fitted I just look a bit chubby. I find empire line looks awful on me until I am genuinely ready to pop at 8-9 months -but I am little and curvy, maybe it is better for tall people or if you have smaller boobs…

I believe you can get "bump-shaping" underwear as well (the mind boggles!!)

Also pick something comfy (again stretchy material good for this!) otherwise you will feel weird about it all day… And of course the patented bump-rubbing and smiling sometimes does the trick wink ,I do a lot of that at work (and still no one notices!) Good luck, a wedding surrounded by models sounds pretty hideous grin

mrsnec Wed 14-May-14 06:40:19

Possibly not as glam as you are looking for but new look have some plain coloured tunics. I. Have one in a sky blue and its lovely. In other clothes I hardly show but I have had bump comments and people offering me seats on buses etc every time I wear it! It would not be glam at all but if you wore it before or after they'd get the message!

squizita Wed 14-May-14 08:07:15

I would go for something a bit fitted/stretchy (not too loose- will hide the bump).

Also, buy a really nice belt (an evening one) and fasten it right under your boobs empire line.

I found these 2 tips were a godsend in my "pregnant or just put on weight" stage. Interestingly even now (deffo pregnant bump) I have loose tunics that hide the bump!

Gen35 Wed 14-May-14 09:30:30

I agree with Isabella Oliver, if you're mostly only big on the tummy her stuff is great, unfortunately I'm a bit too plump to pull it off this time round!

BlindKitty Wed 14-May-14 09:40:03

I liked wearing a small belt under the boobs early on and made sure I held the bump enough for people to realise I wasn't just fat!

Hedgehead Wed 14-May-14 10:37:59

Wow this is really helpful. So I am going for a long (not loose) maxi dress and a little belt to tie under the boobs.

And I'll wear some "bump" underwear"

That is fantastic. Going to try some on today...

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