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Due dates :)

(5 Posts)
MrsCouchman Tue 13-May-14 17:56:21

Just had my booking in appt and I'm due 25/12 smile anyone else expecting a Christmas baby?

MrsLilac Tue 13-May-14 17:58:00

Oh me! Haha I just posted a question about the booking in app! What happened? What do they do? Did you hear the heart beat? Congrats. I'm due December 9th.

meditrina Tue 13-May-14 18:04:53

Here's the due in December chat thread where you will find those expecting Christmas(ish) babies

MrsCouchman Tue 13-May-14 18:18:58

It's just a lot of questions, bloods taken & wee sample smile

DeeBee19 Tue 13-May-14 20:02:00

Yet to have my dating scan but if my dates are right I'm due 18/12! And we said we wouldn't try in march cos we didn't want a Christmas baby! Lol!

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