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First time pregnancy

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Ikkleme Tue 13-May-14 07:06:12

Hi, I have just found out that i am pregnant and was wondering if you can help, I don't feel any different in myself however i am constantly burping! Like really loud ones even when i haven't ate,is this a symptom of being pg? Also any tips for my first trimester?

bakingtins Tue 13-May-14 07:33:26

Congratulations! How far along are you? Plenty of time for more symptoms to develop but burping/ heartburn can certainly be one.
You need to start taking folic acid if you are not already and contact your GP surgery to arrange a booking in appointment.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 13-May-14 07:43:29

I had this at the start of this pregnancy (though oddly not the start of my other pregnancies). I just had to pop the Rennies regularlY.

It got so bad at night time Id be awake most of the night.

Thankfully it was gone by about week seven/eight.

squizita Tue 13-May-14 09:48:18

Hahaha yeah I burped constantly for the 1st 15 weeks. Still a bit burpy!

Ikkleme Tue 13-May-14 10:53:32

It's very early about 5 weeks, going to doctors tomorrow and already taking folic grin

Em03 Wed 14-May-14 14:23:52

Many Congratulations.

I've also just found out I am expecting and am 5 weeks and 5 days. Was trying and thought I was before a test because I was also very burpy with very very sore breasts. Haven't been sick but had a few moments in the last week where I felt sick. Other than that all good. Had an EPS yesterday and all looks good and been to doctors today.

Ikkleme Wed 14-May-14 20:07:15

Whats an eps? It's very early days for me too. According to due date calculators online I'm due 17 jan. This may be tmi but I have been going to the Toilet a lot more than normal and not for wees lol - also clueless on abbreviations x

Ikkleme Wed 14-May-14 20:08:00

Oh congrats to you too :-)

Em03 Thu 15-May-14 14:36:14

Ikkleme thank you

It's an early pregnancy scan.

Look up this thread too. I joined a few days ago and it's for mummy's expecting and we are all roughly at the same stage and all due very late dec and early Jan. Very useful as lots of mums going through the exact same. The link is Hopefully see you on there.

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