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How often did you see your midwife for a second baby?

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KathyMCMLXXII Tue 29-Aug-06 14:23:52

Just wondering cos I haven't seen very much of mine so far and I'm 27 weeks now (just one proper appointment about 3 months ago, though they also did all the blood pressure etc at the hospital when I had my scan).
With my first baby I was seeing the mw at least once a month, though this was a different area. Is this normal for second babies or do you think I've been left off some list?

AvaLou Tue 29-Aug-06 14:28:19

I would call your local health centre, as you should have been seen at least once since then.

Pinkchampagne Tue 29-Aug-06 14:29:59

Think it was once before 20 week scan & then around every 6 weeks until nearer the end of the pregnancy when you are seen more frequently. I don't think it was any different to the first time round.

iota Tue 29-Aug-06 14:30:12

in our area it's the same pattern of visits whether it's your first, second or whatever.

Pinkchampagne Tue 29-Aug-06 14:31:28

Yes, I would definitely give them a call. You should have been seen more once if you are 27 weeks.

KathyMCMLXXII Tue 29-Aug-06 14:32:03

Thank you ladies.
It does sound like I've been forgotten, then. Just as well everything seems to be going ok

HappyMumof2 Tue 29-Aug-06 14:33:16

Message withdrawn

pol26 Tue 29-Aug-06 14:33:44

I too am on number two and a different area and shocked by the lack of antenatal care!!!

I saw my mw at booking (around 9 weeks) and then had scan at 13 weeks and scan at 23 weeks... I didnt see my mw at all inbetween to discuss anything!!!

Saw mw at 28 weeks and then 32,34,36 and will see her next week 38 and 40! Seems that it is very little and she doesn't actually go through anything other than the standard checks- bp, feeling bubba and his heart beat. No breast feeding chatter, skin to skin contact etc... Not even mentioned the birth yet All I keep thinking is GOOD JOB IT'S MY 2ND BABY as mums in the waiting room who are on number one seem to be told nothing and gain their info from us mums who are on number 2/3/4. I really do feel for them.

Piffle Tue 29-Aug-06 14:35:50

here it is 7 times for 2nd or subsequent child, low risk pregnancy.
Or 10 x for a first pregnancy.

I've seen my m/w once for booking in, once again to arrange special scanning and will see her again at 16 weeks. Not sure after that
I'm having a homebirth and prefer as little interference as posisble tbh so it suits me to be left alone

Olihan Tue 29-Aug-06 14:40:14

Where I am (Bristol) I saw the mw at 10wks for my booking in, 16wks for bloods, a scan but nothing else at 20 wks then nothing until 28wks. Then it's 34wks, 36 wks to discuss birth plan, 38 wks and nothing until 41 wks. I think if you've had a straightforward pg before then that's fairly normal. We're told to ring if we feel anything's wrong or we're not happy about anything but that's it.

misspopov Tue 29-Aug-06 14:41:36

With my second I only saw the mw four times in total plus two hospital visits for scans. There was a drop in session each week that I could go to if I had a problem but didn't bother apart from once after a bout of food poisoning just to check things were OK. The important dates for visiting the MW were marked on my notes and it was up to me to make the appointments at the relevant times. I kept these but she did not see the need for me to see her more regularly and this suited me as I was working at the time and knew where she was if I needed her. It may be worth finding out if there are drop in clinics in your area and going along to one so that you can discuss future appointments etc.

KathyMCMLXXII Tue 29-Aug-06 14:42:41

OK then, maybe it is normal
I'm a bit like Piffle in that I'm quite happy for it to be minimal, especially as the baby is moving a lot so I don't have any concerns about it not being ok. Just didn't want to discover I was not getting the care they medically thought I ought to be.
I'll probably give it a week or two and then ring if they don't get in touch.

AvaLou Tue 29-Aug-06 14:42:52

I must agree piffle, with my second I felt I had to go too often, and also had to be told all the procedural stuff, which i already knew.
It was a pain taking out my baby along with my sickness and achey backs just to have my blood pressure done and hear things I already know.

I suppose everyone is different though in how much info they need or want.

Beauregard Tue 29-Aug-06 14:46:34

With my 2nd pregnancy it felt like i hardly saw the midwife ,they seem to just leave you to get on with it,which is probably why dd2 was born without one as she had probably got used to it just being us

LunarSea Tue 29-Aug-06 19:24:59

Here it's booking in, then scan at 20 weeks and m/w appointments at 26 weeks, 32 weeks, 36 weeks, 39 weeks, then weekly. So deliver before 39 weeks and you'll probably only see them 4 times. Early scans and blood tests seem to have gone by the board here too - you just get a leaflet telling you where you can get them done privately if you want them.

EmilyTurner Tue 29-Aug-06 21:43:02

I've been really shocked by the rubbish care in my area of Kent. I've written about it on my blog to let off some steam!

I saw my midwife for booking in, then at 17 weeks. I was unable to get to see her for the next appointment as I was told she was booked up. This was a call two weeks before the appointment! It turned out she wasn't booked up at all. I ended up seeing my GP for the 22 week appointment.

For the 28 week I saw a stand-in. She didn't do my bloods as I "looked fine", asked me to measure my tummy while she did something. I had no idea where and to I should be measuring. I came up with something two cm over my dates. She told me I was having a boy because of the heart rate (something I KNOW is not proven medical research) and she booked at date for my 30 week appointment - a home visit. They never showed up.

Finally, after me having fainting fits and weird stuff going on I have had my bloods done at 31 weeks (prior to that they were going on bloods from 12 weeks pregnant). I get the results tomorrow but I have a heart murmur from my heart working so hard because of postural hypotension (low blood pressure when I stand up) and suspected anaemia.

My midwife rang yesterday to make another appointment, obviously not having communication with the one that came in Sunday to do my emergency bloods. She didn't even ask if I felt ok.

Totally different from the lovely woman I saw with my first baby. She was a diamond. I've said this midwife has the bedside manner of Himmler. Harsh and I did retract, but no, she really is cold as stone.

Sorry for the OFFLOAD!

Jods Thu 07-Sep-06 09:56:22

I've seen the midwife about once a month through out but just gone down to 2weeks since I'm nearing my due date.

runnyhabbit Thu 07-Sep-06 11:32:06

I'm 10wks pregnant with no. 2. And I think I'm one of the lucky ones, looking at all the messages here! Maybe its that postcode lottery. My SIL lives in central London, and although she was looked after, she had nowhere near the care that I had. Not much has changed from no.1. Saw mw at 6wks to confirm pregnancy. Booking appt will be in next wk or so (they come to your house for this) scan at 12 wks, next mw appt at 16wks,etc.But the best thing is the mobile number you get for the mw team-means that if you've got any problems or questions,the mw will help/reassure you straight away,any time,day or night(like finding out if I'm immune to chickenpox as sons nursery has just had an outbreak....)

morocco Thu 07-Sep-06 11:39:14

was told at my booking in that they have to see you once a month to meet guidelines (nice?)but I think a visit for scan and chat to mw at hosp counts as a visit. I'm not bothered til it gets near 28wks then I'll get bp checks (had pre eclampsia with first but was ok for second, this is third time round). have own wee sticks so that saves hassle too

MissAngelicus Wed 18-Jul-07 17:46:40

I am 31 weeks pregnant and have seen my midwife 5 times... Although the last one i saw due to me having a fall and needing anti d, said "when are you next booked in" me "next week" her...2 well we dont usually see women pregnat for the 2nd time round until 34 weeks.." me 2werm but that means all the bloods etc and scans wouldnt be done1 are you sure?" her... "yes are you questioning me?!"
I gave up at that point!!!

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