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Gbs at 38 weeks pregnant, anyone else a carrier? Worried:0(

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Surprisethird Sun 11-May-14 20:20:37

Hi, 38 +5 pregnant, having a c-section on Thursday, this is my third child and just been tested positive for group b strep, now I am really worried, has anyone else had this or currently carrying this too?
Any replies are appreciated

Quodlibet Sun 11-May-14 20:30:59

I tested + in my pregnancy and had IV antibiotics in labour. No big hassle and baby was fine. From what I understand the risks of GBS infection with a CS are far lower than with a vaginal delivery. There's good info on the website

Surprisethird Sun 11-May-14 21:02:18

Hi thanks for your reply, I had a look at the website and made me feel better. I suffer from anxiety and have been dreading my section, I have had 2 before but my two children are 14 & 8 , so never planned another child, and now find myself preparing for another c-section which is bad enough and then this has just added to my anxiety. I will be happy when Thursday is over with, just looking forward to meeting my little girl now and hoping all goes well.
Thanks again

SomeSunnySunday Sun 11-May-14 22:28:19

I didn't get tested in my first pregnancy. I had a protracted labour, and my waters broke quiet early on. I wasn't offered antibiotics, but probably should have been. DC1 was delivered by EMCS after a failed attempt at forceps. He had been notably in distress during labour, was unsettled at birth, and at a few hours old was admitted to the NICU with a group B strep infection. It was a horrible time, but he did, fortunately, make a full recovery.

When I had DC2 I was tested for Group B strep. Interestingly my NHS test was negative, but my private test was positive. DC2 was born by elective section: I wrote to my consultant beforehand and asked for antibiotics before my section. The evidence on this is not very clear, and it may be that antibtiotics before an elective section when waters are intact are not necessary, but I wanted them all the same. My consultant gave me oral antibiotics to be started the day before my section, and DC2 was completely healthy.

Try not to worry too much, I do think that the risks of GBS with an elective section are low, but it's good that you are aware of this. Hope all goes well.

noblegiraffe Sun 11-May-14 22:38:24

My DS contracted GBS, so I was high risk with my second pregnancy, with stickers plastered all over my notes. As I had an ELCS, they didn't need to do anything.

You only need antibiotics if your waters go or if you go into labour.

Surprisethird Mon 12-May-14 07:54:04

Hi, thanks for your replies, I am having my bloods taken on Tomorrow for my operation, so I will ask a bit more then about anti-biotics,
Feel a bit better i am having a c-section

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