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vulval varicites and varicose veins thrombophlebitis

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rainingelephants Sat 10-May-14 23:46:40

So during my last pregnancy I had problems with varicose veins (and thrombophlebitis behind knee) in my leg /thigh then postnatal I had thrombophlebitis and nearly all of thigh vein was clotted and vulval varicites which also had clots. Were quite close to junctions and family history of dvts do had to take clexane for a few weeks.

As this was superficial thrombophlebitis my consultant has said I do not need to use clexane until postnatal.

My concerns are that my varicose veins have gotten worse and more painful the past few days andgave become suddenly noticeable, how so I know when to seek gp/ other advice?.currently using compression stockings as advised since previous pregnancy but these do not seem to be making big difference

Just looking for any advice / experience of this

rainingelephants Sun 11-May-14 23:59:58


Irishmammybread Mon 12-May-14 09:16:48

Hi, I had varicose veins in my third pregnancy which developed in the third trimester, along one leg and vulval.These settled down very well after the pregnancy though I was left with areas along my shin and behind the knee where they were still evident though not causing any problems.
With my fourth baby the varicose veins started to swell (and more developed in new areas) along the leg much earlier, during the second trimester. I had support stockings to wear but the midwives/consultant weren't overly concerned. They were quite painful on occasion .
After delivery I was put on Clexane injections for 6 weeks due to increased risk factors for dvt( varicose veins, 4th child and "advanced maternal age"!)
I am amazed 2.5 weeks on how the varicose veins have reduced,all the bulging has gone and they are much less obvious already.
As you've had previous problems with clots though I think you would be best to seek medical advice from your GP or hospital.

rainingelephants Mon 12-May-14 11:36:55

Hi its good to know im not alone, it was my 4th pregnancy but 3rd child that the problems with the Vulval area and thigh. The consultant I saw in 2 years ago when having the problems said that although its superficial and doesnt usually cause problems due to the location and family history of dvts i would need to take clexane in future pregnancies to prevent reoccurence, the clots and swelling resolved quite quick but the veins have never been the same and cause pain when walking distance and when been on feet too long.
At antenatal consultant appointment when doing vte risk it came back high but told me as it was superficial veins and not dvt I would not need clexane but review at end of second trimester so will see again in a few weeks. have been elevating legs as much as possible and wearing compression stockings but they have changed and are now worse and in my calf too, the veins swell / bulge during evening but leg not swollen. at night and when walking have horrible start of cramp feeling that lingers, had to crawl upstairs last night as was finding it painful to walk on that leg.doctors full today so couldn't get in have to try tomorrow but as there is no actual leg swelling I think I will just be told not to worry.
Sorry for the essay just wondered whether im right to be or not

Irishmammybread Mon 12-May-14 11:56:14

I think there's no harm having it checked out rather than leaving it,especially if you're in so much pain. It's better for a doctor to say if it's nothing to worry about rather than stress about it,and if you do need to have treatment then the sooner it can be sorted out the better.
If it's close to the end of your second trimester and they were going to check you then again anyway, maybe that appointment could be brought forward?
Is it worth phoning the Antenatal clinic rather than your GP?
I was already on Aspirin for the whole pregnancy due to multiple miscarriages so I don't know if that made a difference in my case.

rainingelephants Mon 12-May-14 14:45:41

I think I will speak to gp tomorrow and if no luck there will ring antenatal clinic.
It's annoying as I already get pain in that leg but this pain is different / worse but alot of the people I saw last time weren't too concerned as there wasnt leg swelling just vein swelling so dr wasnt going to refer me to hosp at first even though it was postnatal time until he knew I was high risk im just worried that as there isnt much swelling during the day they will say its nothing but its hard not to worry with family history of dvts/pe and id rather if it is something get it treated asap as before I was being passed from pillar to post as nobody knee where to refer me to.
I tried not to worry about it but pain keeps coming back so will get it checked better to be safe than ignore it I guess .thanks for the replies

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