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Nephrostomy tube and labour...

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Boogles91 Sat 10-May-14 20:18:17

Has any of you lovely ladies got any experiences or stories they could share with me on this? Im 30+3wks now and been told im going to have to have one fitted before babys born. My urologist wants to hold out aslong as possible though because the last two that the lady did for him bought on premature labour. Im just wondering is it possible to still have a natural birth although youve got a pipe hanging out your back? And did it make it any more difficult or painful? I really dont want them to say it will be too much stress on my kidneys to still have a normal birth and recomend a csection sad i dont mind being induced though but the pain in my kidney is agony! I fekking hate my kidneys tbh and would trade them in any day for a set of new ones -.- all they have done is made me severely ill all my life! Cant even have a baby without them poking there heads into the equation sad sorry for the rant just how i feel and i think ive done my hubbys head in enough with my winging about it sad hope someone on here has any advice

Boogles91 Mon 12-May-14 21:16:10


Jcb77 Mon 12-May-14 22:54:04

Can't see why a nephrostomy per se would stop you labouring normally....... Might make placing a spinal or epidural more tricky but by no means technically impossible. They might want to catheterise you sooner rather than later perhaps, or closely monitor fluid input/output depending on your underlying condition. Hope all goes well.

penguinplease Mon 12-May-14 23:00:26

Hi, I had a nephrostomy tube in my first pregnancy and a normal labour.
I had the tube from about 24 weeks.
Although it was annoying it stopped the pain, I had no problems in labour apart from it being in the way a bit.

Boogles91 Tue 13-May-14 22:48:42

Thankyou smile its good to know it dont affect labour in any way, im first time mum so i dont know anything although im no stranger to kidney problems lol i would have them do ot now as the pain is so annoying! I cant get comfy in bed cus of it as it hurts to sleep on my right side. I dont want an epidural or spinal as i have had them for major surgery before and after many attempts neither worked! Ill be happy woth just gas and air if i need it. Ive read up that its caring for it is the more annoying part but my hubby will be here to help if i need any like changing bandages etc. my consultant has told me he doesnt want to do it now as much as we would both like to, because my kidneys caused me to mc and he really doesnt want anything to happen to our lil man like prem labour. And doesnt want to put me through the stress. Ive told him ill put up with the pain until hes got a plan put in place lol thankyou again for your replies, i just cant wait to go to the maternity clinic on 28th, as i will knkw whats happening then! X

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