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Early pregnancy scan - Leicester

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lollzy91 Sat 10-May-14 12:05:53

Hello smile

I'm 4+3 today, found out over a week over I was
Pregnant, yay!! And now I've managed to get through this first week I'm looking to the future and thinking of booking an early pregnancy scan at 8 weeks so I can try and relax a bit after hopefully seeing all is ok!

Has anyone had an early pregnancy scan anywhere in leics?

Can anyone recommend anywhere? Or advise me where not to go?

Thank you xx

Boogles91 Sat 10-May-14 21:00:59

The royals epau.our 1st resulted in mc and they told me then when we try again to tell the doc to request the earliest possible time for a scan depending on hiw far along i was according to my dates. Niw 30+3wks :D and had our 8weeks scan there smile there was a little 9+5wk beanie baby with his heart beating away! Ask your doc if they will refere you. I know this sounds naughty but make up some problems like your spotting or bleeding with cramps tpand they will have no choice but to refere you then, and you will get to see your little bean smile it also puts your mind at ease. Also the earliest they scan from is 7wksmas thats when a heartbeat can be seen. And congratulations :D x

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