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Restless legs/arms

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Barbsta Sat 10-May-14 10:42:08

I'm 33 +2 and for about a month now every night it's taking me hours to get to sleep because of restlessness. The only thing I've found kind of soothes it is putting loads of tiger balm on the area but the smell makes me feel sick. I wake up even when I do manage to sleep 3/4 times a night with this sad. Any tips or advice on how to deal with this?

ToAvoidConversation Sat 10-May-14 10:58:25

I have this all the time and haven't been pregnant yet! Raise your legs and keep them cool.

weebigmamma Sat 10-May-14 11:04:13

Get your iron levels checked as soon as you can. I suffered horribly with restless legs for weeks. Then my doc wanted me to go on iron tablets as he thought my iron was borderline low. I didn't want to as I was afraid of constipation and it was only borderline. Then a pharmacist friend of mine asked me if my iron was low when I complained to him about my restless legs. I started taking the iron and within days the restless leg syndrome had cleared up. Worth checking out! It's the only thing that worked for me . (And the iron tablets didn't make me constipated!)

DebH1975 Sat 10-May-14 14:47:29

Drink loads of tonic water ... It works

Hellymummy Sun 11-May-14 00:12:53

I suffer terrible too, some nights it's 5am before I get to sleep! I havnt found anything that works yet! I don't have low iron so it's not that. I tried cooling leg gel but no joy! I'm
Just trying to ride thru it now!

livingzuid Sun 11-May-14 00:52:10

Wide awake here with the same problem! I forgot to drink my usual amount of tonic water (normally 500ml) before bed and my legs, arms and chest are just so restless it's awful. Tonic water works brilliantly for me as it's not an iron issue - guzzling some now - or definitely speak to your midwife or doctor.

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