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Pregnant and paleo...

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ralv Sat 10-May-14 08:14:57

Hi There...

Now I know this is a long shot but just wanted to see if there are any mums or mums to be out there who follow the paleo diet?

I started eating paleo, with a view to sorting out my raging hormones, and fell pregnant almost instantly. Now I would like to keep eating this way through pregnancy and beyond as the research I've done suggests it's a really healthy nutritious way for mother and baby... (we've been doing it for thousands of years after all!!)... but just wanted to see if there are any paleo mummies out there with any tips?

Ta xx

hayesgirl Mon 12-May-14 12:08:21

Hi, I too was eating paleo prior to falling pregnant. Fully intended to keep it up and nutritionally there is no evidence I have come across which suggests that it is not healthy or that it provides insufficient nutrients during pregnancy.

However, what actually happened was that I couldn't keep anything that wasn't a paleo no-no down! I am carrying twins and my paleo diet just wasn't agreeing with me. I am a big believer when pregnant of listening to your body. Unfortunately mine didn't like paleo. Luckily though my body does process carbs differently during pregnancy than normal. I have IBS made much worse by wheat but during this and my last pregnancy I am completely unaffected by it.

I read a great article on the CrossFit mom website about falling off the paleo wagon during pregnancy.

My twins will be arriving next week and I am looking forward to getting straight back on the paleo wagon! My view is that pregnancy is temporary and I am acting as an incubator for my babies. As such my body isn't really my own at the moment. As soon as it is though I will be back to doing what I want to do and what makes me feel good.

If you can stick to paleo and you're body and baby are happy with this then you should stick to it. Don't be surprised if you need to adapt it slightly though to include some carbs.

Sleepwhenidie Mon 12-May-14 12:33:03

I agree with listening to your body. There are epigenetic studies that suggest children born to mothers that ate a low-carb diet during pregnancy are affected in the way they metabolise fat, leading to an increased likelihood of obesity in childhood. They are small studies and other factors may be at work, feel free to do your own research and make up your mind of course, but if it was me I think I'd err on the side of a moderate carb WOE, with wholefood carbs, some pulses and grains that Paleo would usually mean avoiding?

ChicaMomma Mon 12-May-14 13:08:52

I became pregnant while doing paleo (did you know you're more likely to have conceived a boy?? as an aside.. i'm carrying a boy so link confirmed in my case smile )

I tried to continue with it but jsut craved carbs!! 35 weeks now and well and truly NOT paleo, but so looking fwd to getting back on the bandwagon post natally.

See how you go- there is no evidence to suggest it is harmful, but in my experience it is difficult! I craved fruits and carbs.. in a massive way..

squizita Mon 12-May-14 13:26:17

Whilst there is nothing specifying Paleo, it's worth noting that the only diet deemed safe in pregnancy is slimming world. Out of all the diets out there only one.

Your body craves fruit and carbs and with good reason when pregnant.

ralv Mon 12-May-14 20:47:24

Thanks so much for all the advice.
While I am eating mainly paleo... That does include fruit and some starchy veg like sweet potato and squash so I wouldn't deem it a very low carb diet.
That's so interesting hayesgirl that your wheat intolerance disappeared! I'm intolerant to all gluten and dairy and think I would be too nervous to try it... Esp as my bowels are already all over the place (TMI!!) Good luck with your twins!!
ChicaMomma ha no I hadn't heard that!! Presumably they haven't done studies on that!? Will have to let you know!! I've been craving meat more than anything so far luckily!! Very early days though.
Thanks again all... I think you're right... I will listen to my body and not be too rigid with paleo.

Secondsop Mon 12-May-14 21:49:31

Hi, I low-carbed and got pregnant twice on it, and intended to keep it up during the pregnancies after my dr advised that it was safe given that I was on a healthy balanced diet (with the caveat that I may feel like I need carbs for energy if I feel tired). However both times my body has has other ideas and there have been phases where all I can face is cereal or a sandwich. And I went wildly off some things such as eggs and, for a while, veg! So I'd say, be guided by what your body wants.

Interesting re more likely to have a boy! I have one boy and am expecting another.

oohdaddypig Mon 12-May-14 23:01:52

I'm not paleo as I eat moderate "safe" carbs (ie rice and potato). Also avoid dairy, crappy vegetable oils etc.

Fell pregnant really quickly and fully intended to stay on my food plan. However horrendous nausea has meant I have utterly fallen off the wagon and I'm now existing on pork pies (shock), grapefruit, gluten free bread and boiled sweets.

I'm going with it for now! I don't think low carb is generally a great idea in the long term, and I wouldn't do it when pregnant, especially if you start to crave carbs.

ralv Tue 13-May-14 05:26:57

I just want to make it clear that I am not eating a specifically "low carb diet" for any reasons of vanity. I'm just eating a diet of real food as close to nature and what I believe we have evolved to eat. Of course I will give my body what it needs (pork pies sounds good!!) smile
I have to disagree that a low carb diet isn't healthy in the long term... There is a great deal of emerging science that suggests otherwise. However I wouldn't hesitate to eat rice or potatoes if that's what my body asks for.
Thanks again for your experiences... So interesting about the baby boys!

oohdaddypig Tue 13-May-14 22:32:18

ralv that's great if it works for you. And I totally agree about not doing it for vanity. I overhauled my diet due to health issues and I have been amazed at the results.

Re the long term effects, that's interesting. Can I ask where you read it? My concern with long term paleo relates to the long term effects of low glucose on the body leading to gut issues, dry eye and reduced fertility, amongst other things. i ended up going from paleo to a guy called paul jaminet in the US. I appreciate the jury is out on the long term effects. It definitely wasn't for me though.

Anyway good luck in your pregnancy

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