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Does anyone else get pins and needles in the top of their bump?

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Plateofcrumbs Sat 10-May-14 04:29:12

I get what I call 'bump burn' which is a sort of numb, burning sensation on the top of the bump. I think (based on a bit of googling and a chat with the midwife) that it's 'normal' and due to pressure on the nerves. I also get back pain which I think is related. I find anything that creates more space between pelvis and ribs and through the spine helps me: standing up rather than sitting down, good posture, yoga and stretching exercises etc.

butterfly86 Fri 09-May-14 22:48:56

I get that too and it sometimes feels sore or tender I think it's just nerve pain off the stretching, I asked the midwife about it she said lots of people complain about it but she doesn't have a clue what it is ha!

theborrower Fri 09-May-14 22:31:13

Just that. I'm 32 weeks with DC2, and I get pins and needles at the top of my bump sometimes. Am I slouching too much? Is it normal / ok?

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