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Pregnancy No 2 - your stories

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Belt Fri 09-May-14 10:48:07


I've decided to post today as I would like to hear some "2nd time round" stories on your pregnancies and how are you getting on.

I'm 5+4 today - still VERY early but I've been feeling the following pretty much couple of weeks before my period:
- nausea (now comes and goes)
- my beloved coffee is making me sick (no vomiting) - this is actually when I started wandering if I'm pregnant - had the same thing with my 1st but from wk 6 onwards or so...
- my boobs have been in pain and growing (to amusement of my DH!! lol) since then with large blueish veins
- my body is already changing
- cramping in my low abdomen (again comes and goes) - it actually gave me a scare a week ago - ended up in A&E on the weekend just to make sure... so far so good... But I don't remember having it with my first!
- I am positive but very aware that I might miscarry!! I don't want to drive myself insane but it's very real this time round... I didn't really think about it first time round so am trying to do the same now
- I feel like I wee ALL THE FREAKING TIME, too!
- Oh - and I've already gone to try out pushchairs!! (?!?!!)

Anything similar/different??

Please share if you want!


Missteacake Fri 09-May-14 15:05:40

Ha ha ha I could have that written post myself. I have been feeling all of the above although it's starting to settle down now as I'm nearly 13weeks. You are not alone it feels really different second time round. I'm also much more aware of the risks and things this time I sailed through my last pregnancy without worrying about anything. This time I'm a major worry wort!

Belt Fri 09-May-14 15:16:52

Lol! So good to know (well not good-good cause who likes to feel nauseated and have boobs with massive blue veins!) but you know what I mean!). I thought I was going mad here???
Good luck !!

MrsCouchman Fri 09-May-14 15:34:53

I'm exactly the same! 7 weeks and constantly feel like I'm about to throw up but so far haven't. Again much more aware of risks x

princessdave Fri 09-May-14 15:41:50

32 weeks and 5 days here so starting to feel the aches and pains of late pregnancy again now. My coccyx is KILLING me from being sat down at my desk, I've an extra cushion on my chair but that's not cutting it. Might have to bring in a proper pillow!

Other than that I've been lucky and had another very good pregnancy so far, I'm still running (albeit slowly), working, blogging, coping ok at home with a 2.5 year old. No heartburn etc just a sore coccyx and a very active baby that sometimes kicks/jabs so hard I feel a little bit sick.

I had SPD last time around but I've managed to avoid that in the main this time as I knew what it was and how to delay it really (ease up on the long mile runs earlier on, around 22 weeks but for me still be very active as I stiffen up if I sit down for too long).

Good luck with these early weeks!

Petal26 Fri 09-May-14 19:22:38

13+5 here with number 2 and I could have written your list of symptomns a few weeks ago! Starting to feel a bit more normal now and less nauseous but only just. Still eating frequently throughout the day to keep it at bay.
So far very similar pregnancy to first but still early days. Am a big coffee lover too and haven't been able to stomach any hot drinks for about 6 weeks, but have managed a couple this week :-)

hartmel Sat 10-May-14 04:56:10

16 weeks with dc2.. And since week 9 no symptoms at all. Except a growing bump since week 10...

I'm just tired but I blame it on my active 8 month old boy.

Got a bladder infection beginning of the week, now on antibiotics. But based on my doctor it will be normal for me as my kids love to rest on my bladder so it is more irritated. Had it with ds1 when it was freaking hot outside.

Oh and I'm noticing that with this one my bump is instead of going forward it is going to the sides. With my son you couldn't even tell from the back I'm pregnant. But with this one you can..
My doctor constantly compares my notes with my first pregnancy and thinks that I'm having a girl. Finding that out first week in June..

Anyone have any instincts what is growing inside of you?
With DS I knew from the beginning it will be a boy.. With this as soon as I found out, I have the instinct it will be a girl.

I find second pregnancy is less worrying than the first.. As you know the stretching feelings, the pains (which are normal and which not)

Congrats everyone

ithoughtofitfirst Sat 10-May-14 07:27:55

17 weeks today.

I am just TIRED ALL the time. But then again I didn't have a 2 year old to look after all day!

This time round nowhere near as sick as last time though which I'm really pleased about.

Felt movements much earlier, much bigger bump, boobs absolutely ridicks.

This time I am watching what I eat like a hawk so loads of fruit and veggies. No haribo or sour worms or anything like that!!

chemas Sat 10-May-14 07:41:21

40+4 with my second baby, had two miscarriages in between so this pregnancy has been full of all sorts of anxiety but wonderful all the same! very different this time around lots more sickness, she has drained my iron supplies lol my first is a boy so I wonder if that's the biggest factor, hope all of your pregnancies go smoothly smile congrats mummies!

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