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Lazy Daisy active birth classes, anyone been? Opinions please!

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AlwaysDancing1234 Mon 05-May-14 19:38:38

Hello, I'm thinking of signing up for a 5/6 week active birth course with a company called Lazy Daisy. The course will be in SW London or Kingston Surrey.
Has anyone been to these classes, did you find it helpful?

aclxxx Mon 05-May-14 20:20:15

I have had 2 lessons so far in Kent area. I would certainly recommend. I joined purely to easy the SPD, but found the breathing techniques very helpful.
Good luck with your pregnancy

Errrr2012 Mon 05-May-14 20:31:32

I'm thinking of doing the same thing but not entirely sure what the course content actually is!! Interested to hear others experiences.

LlamaLover Mon 05-May-14 20:36:57

I did them privately in West Yorkshire area and cannot recommend them enough.

Relaxing at the time of the class, learnt some breathing techniques for labour and also talking about the mechanics of birth itself - all really helped me.

I'd definitely recommend and am happy to answer any specific questions.

nearlyreadytopop Mon 05-May-14 20:37:33

me too! This has recently started in my area and I'm interested. Like previous poster I'm not sure exactly what it entails. Class teacher is sending out a welcome pack so maybe all will become clear after that.

nearlyreadytopop Mon 05-May-14 20:37:34

me too! This has recently started in my area and I'm interested. Like previous poster I'm not sure exactly what it entails. Class teacher is sending out a welcome pack so maybe all will become clear after that.

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 05:52:55

Thanks everyone, I was thinking it over last night and from the comments above I think I might go for it.
I have asked for more info and the movements taught are a bit like basic yoga/Pilates but are specifically designed to help posture & breathing during pregnancy & birth.
I sent an email to the class teacher asking what the course entails and she sent this as part of her reply which I found to be helpful,
"As well as showing you a range of moves, positions and breathing techniques that you can use during your labour and birth, many of the movements that we practice during the weekly class sessions are designed to help alleviate common pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn, oedema or backache. We also work on trying to encourage babies into an optimum position for pregnancy and birth."

MoreTeaPenguin Tue 06-May-14 08:29:22

I did the Lazy Daisy Birthing course in Guildford, and highly recommend it. I did NCT before my first birth, then Daisy Birthing and a bit of antenatal yoga before my second. I wish I had done the Daisy and yoga before the first! I found it really useful for keeping me feeling relaxed and in control during labour and second time round it was SO much better.

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 08:45:39

Thanks Penguin I think I will ring them at lunch time and book in. It's a 5 week course and I only have 7 more weeks to go til due date so I need to get organised! (although DS1 was two weeks overdue so taking the date with a pinch of salt!) smile

Trooperslane Tue 06-May-14 08:47:54

I loved mine.

and the breathing techniques were a live saver when dd came too fast for any pain relief other than gas and air shock

Isabelleforyourbicycle Tue 06-May-14 09:18:12

Yes they are excellent classes. The summary the teacher sent you is spot on, breathing, exercises, helping baby get into best position. Very relaxing and positive.

I'm the same as penguin wish I had done this as well as or instead of NCT classes.
I would say they would be little use to anyone planning a ELCS as the focus is more on actually giving birth vaginally. Enjoy it!

NickyEds Tue 06-May-14 10:21:24

i loved mine-also in West Yorkshire. I met two Mummy mates there too- and the instructor here does Lazy Daisy Meet ups every now and then so you can meet all of the babies, which is lovely. Don't worry about starting late- I was about 35 weeks so missed my last class as I'd had my baby- all of the movements are suitable for REALLY pregnant ladies!

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 12:36:53

Thanks NickyEds that's reassuring to hear, my bump is rather huge and I'm wondering if I will manage to finish the course before our baby makes her appearance!

Errrr2012 Tue 06-May-14 12:38:48

That's partly why I'm reluctant isabelle as I has an EMCS last time cause of severe pre eclampsia and don't really know which way it'll go this time. I'm aiming (I think!) for VBAC this time but who knows what'll happen. The teacher assured me that the classes would still be useful.

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 12:47:39

Errr2012 I think even if birth ends in C Section, it sounds like the positions and breathing techniques will help in late pregnancy to relax you and ease aches and pains etc.
So I've come to the conclusion that it's still going to be useful no matter what actually happens on birth day

lazydaisylisa Tue 06-May-14 12:53:13

I did daisy birthing classes and thought they were fab. I always left the class feeling positive, relaxed and more confident about birth. I had a fab birth and made friends in class who were planning a section and one who was trying for a VBAC (successful). It is really good just make friends and feel calm during pregnancy.

Errrr2012 Tue 06-May-14 12:53:22

I'm hoping to get to late pregnancy stage this time (delivered at 31 weeks previously) but also want something to help me have a positive outlook whatever happens. Plus I'm getting lots of aches and pains as my joints loosen already so it sounds like lazy daisy could do the trick.

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 12:55:38

Errr2012 I hope things go smoothly for you now.

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 12:56:39

lazydaisylisa thanks for the review - I thought you must have liked the classes judging by your username!!

PotteringAlong Tue 06-May-14 12:58:52

I did the one day class in Durham and it was the worst thing I ever did, though I think that's because the woman leading it was so chronic rather than the class itself iykwim?

It's usually exactly what I'm looking for too in terms of yoga / hypnobirthing so it wasn't me being sceptical, it was just atrociously run.

adagio Tue 06-May-14 13:15:56

I did Lazy Daisy in Cardiff back in 2012 and they were great. I really enjoyed the yoga/stretches and relaxation, learnt about the mechanics of birth (my first baby, found this info very useful) and used moves to help turn my transverse baby ( ok she might have turned anyway but hey it all helps, right?!).

I gave birth at 40 weeks naturally; arrived in hospital at 10am, already 6cm had a natural water birth at 4 (no other pain relief) and home again by 8pm. Whilst I appreciate an element of luck here, I suspect the positions and breathing from the classes helped me to be in the right frame of mind and stopped me from being so scared and tensing up, making the whole thing a whole lot easier.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Good luck all thanks

AlwaysDancing1234 Tue 06-May-14 13:18:05

Oh dear Pottering it sounds like maybe the teacher wasn't great.
adagio that sounds great, hoping for a similar experience but whatever happens, feeling slightly more relaxed and calm and in control could only be a good thing

eurochick Tue 06-May-14 13:28:05

Are OHs involved in the classes or are they all women focussed?

And how much are the courses? I can't see a price on the website.

SandwichBag Tue 06-May-14 13:33:08

I've just signed up today to start on June 1st. In my area the classes are �54 for 6 (�9 per class) but they aren't courses as such: you cna go from 14 weeks every week until you give birth if you want to.

I'll be 26 weeks when I start and going to take them one at a time as not sure I can get there every week yet.

nearlyreadytopop Tue 06-May-14 13:56:15

Its £48 for 6 weeks where I am. You have to sign up for a block of lessons. I had a traumatic birth experience first time and it was my midwife who suggested I try this to help relax for this birth. I have great expectations now after hearing all the good reviews.grin

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