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Acid reflux

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RedPony Sun 04-May-14 04:11:25

Anyone know a good cure? iv been up since half two with horrendous acid reflux to the point where I was in tears it was so bad and have now eventually thrown up sad I cant take gaviscon or eat any chalky texture sweets etc as they also make me puke. If anyone knows a good cure I would really appreciate it smile

Thumbwitch Sun 04-May-14 04:23:07

Depends on how bad it is - in my first pg I could keep it under control with good quality vanilla ice cream (G&B) but I didn't have access to that in my 2nd pg, and it started much earlier in the pg - I tried Gaviscon the day I thought I was going to actually pass out with the pain and awfulness, but it was so unutterably vile I avoided it like the plague and stuck to Tums. But they probably are too chalky for you.

I also had to sleep using a beanbag to lean against - the instant I went flat, the acid reflux was abysmal, so I had to stay semi-upright to sleep. The beanbag was really good though.

Have you tried fennel tea? Fennel is good for calming stomachs as well as for (later) milk supply.

Thumbwitch Sun 04-May-14 04:23:56

Oh and avoid sugar, like soft-centre chocolates, or in fact chocolate! That used to set me off really badly (not too bad in the icecream, luckily!)

Pushonregardless Sun 04-May-14 08:19:11

Try tonic water. I discovered this by accident on holiday and realised that after a few days of 'T without the G' I hadn't needed to gobble Rennies like normal! It subsequently worked for a friend with bad reflux, too.

RedPony Sun 04-May-14 09:54:30

ooo thanks will definitely try the tonic water and will try and stomache the tea! Unfortunately ice cream doesn't work as anything dairy sets it off sad I eventually got to sleep at half 5 this morning and it was still bad after being sick but nowhere near as bad as it was. seeing the gp on Tues for something else but will mention it to them so hopefully they might be able to give me something for it

strawberryjam Sun 04-May-14 10:00:49

I take twice daily ranitidine with swigs of gaviscon in between. I find eating little and often helps as well. Sm having to sleep upright but am going to steal the beanbag trick though! Much Sympathy it is hideous

Monkeybrain10 Sun 04-May-14 20:25:27

Soda water...or half a teaspoon of bicarb of soda in a quarter glass of water. Down it as it tastes gross but is great for settling your stomach. I have days when the reflux is bad..and dark chocolate seems to aggrevate it but on days when it's ok i can eat it fine...bizarre!

whereisthewitch Sun 04-May-14 20:28:52

Ranitidine is my only relief these days and it's almost immediate. Ask your go for a prescription or you can buy it in yhe supermarket usually called indigestion relief (check the label to make sure it's Ranitidine).
It's a proper tablet so no need to chew it.

I'd be miserable without it.

Casmama Sun 04-May-14 23:04:56

Ask your doctor for omeprazole- magic stuff- I haven't had a hint of heartburn since I started taking it and can eat what I like. There is no need to suffer with it.

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