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X ray in early pregnancy

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mrsleomcgary Sat 03-May-14 16:30:25

I've broken my toe! Got up in the middle of the night feeling sick,went to the bathroom and suddenly felt dizzy and like I was gonna pass out,so I got on my hands and knees so I wouldn't gt my head on the way down. Somehow I have managed to break my toe on the way down - had it confirmed by X-ray this afternoon.

Anyway,the point of this thread. It was only on the way home that I realised I've only had a dizzy spell like that once before,just before I found out I was pregnant. PFB is only 4months old and while I seriously doubt that I am pregnant assuming I was what affect if any would an X-ray have on the foetus?

CorporeSarnie Sat 03-May-14 18:32:57

Hi leo, commiserations on the toe... I broke my metatarsal a couple of days ago, at 13➕5, so know a bit how you are feeling.
Modern X-ray machines are very focused and only go through the bit they're looking at. I asked the radiographer and she gave me a lead apron, but reassured me that the risk was tiny. They should have asked if there was any possibility that you were pg before taking the X-ray, but it sounds like it is not that likely that you are pregnant (have your periods returned? Are you breastfeeding?). Try not to worry, concentrate on getting well and getting as much rest as you can with a 4m old, and maybe do a test to check. I think that even if you are pregnant, there is a very limited chance that any damage is done. Good luck and hope that you feel better soon.

mrsleomcgary Sun 04-May-14 20:51:20

Thanks for the reply, hope you're doing ok a broken foot while pregnant is the last thing you need.

Not breastfeeding and periods have returned, had two and due my next one this week. When I got pregnant the first time I had very few symptoms,my period didn't turn up and I took 4 tests in the two weeks after I was due,all negative! I eventually got a positive at 9 weeks. Looking back though I realise I had some symptoms, mainly the world's most sensitive nipples and bloating,none of which I'm getting (just now at least). Fingers crossed I'm not,as much as I would love another baby I was thinking at least 2 years between them,not 13 months!

CorporeSarnie Sun 04-May-14 21:31:27

No worries leo, I have a 2yr old as well to keep me on my (sore) toes. The break has certainly put the early pregnancy woes into perspective somewhat I had a MC a little less than a year ago so have been anxious, all the worry seems to have faded rather.
Fingers crossed it was just a random dizzy spell, and that AF arrives for you next week.

Cuppachaplz Mon 05-May-14 10:39:54

Wishing your foot better soon leo
Please try not to worry.
Modern X-ray machines are very safe, and scatter of rays outside of the beam is minimal. Also exposure for toes is very low.
If it helps at all, my mother was told she had mc'd, broke some ribs, and the 5m foetus was seen on the X-ray. I am that baby, so This was back in the days where X-rays were not low exposure (nor was the beam focused otherwise baby would not have been seen)
Best wishes for you pregnancy

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