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What are the pros and cons of not having your waters broken?

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RoseberryTopping Sat 03-May-14 14:59:29

I'm concerned I'll have to be induced again with this baby, no evidence to say I will but it's just something I worry about. Last time they broke my waters for me during induction, it was so painful and then the contractions came on so strong. I hated it and really want to avoid that situation happening again.
So do they have to break them? What would happen if I refuse?

Hazchem Sun 04-May-14 07:59:03

I understand they say it can help labour start but I'm not sure how. The cons I see are risk of infection, more painful contractions, chance cord drops down as baby isn't in position.
Remember you have the right to decline any and all procedures. How far along are you? Can you talk to the midwife about making an induction plan that doesn't include water breaking? What about waiting a little longer so 42 weeks and bit with expectant monitoring. One of the reasons for inductions is to reduce the risk of still birth. There are some studies that show stillbirth risk rates are similar all the way through due dates only rising after about 44 weeks (to similar rates as pre term) link here blog has a crappy title sorry
Obviously there are loads of reasons to have an induction but you can be involved in making choices about it.

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