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morning sickness

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Mummywithlove Sat 03-May-14 12:45:52

Is it normal to feel sick when Hungary? And feeling sick when eaten something? ALso feeling sick when getting bounced about (on a bus) is this morning sickness? SOrry about all the questions......

Is it also true that having morning sickness decreases the likelyhood of having a miscarriage???

GingerRodgers Sat 03-May-14 13:14:14

The only thing I found that helped was being actually sick. The rest of the time I felt horrendous and nothing helped (sorry).
No idea about the link with mc.

Mummywithlove Sat 03-May-14 13:48:56

THank you for the reply,,, so is it morning sickness what I an having smile

Spurtle Sat 03-May-14 13:51:21

I don't think morning sickness means miscarriage is less likely, but feeling sick means your hcg levels are high, which means you're still pregnant, which is a positive aspect of feeling sick I suppose!

You have my full sympathy, feeling sick all the time is horrendous.

LadySybilVimes Sat 03-May-14 13:54:18

You sound just like I was. You have my sympathies.
I found that I was less likely to be sick if I ate immediately after being sick. Also travel sickness bands really helped loads! I went from being sick all day every day to just feeling nauseus.

Mummywithlove Sat 03-May-14 13:56:56

THank you all for the replies..

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