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Does complete loss of symptoms plus brown discharge ever result in anything other than miscarriage? Please help!

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Nov282014 Sat 03-May-14 02:11:37

Hi, am new to this forum and seeking advice (have already sought medical advice and am booked in for scan next Wednesday. However now I am literally left just wondering.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and Monday I woke up with a complete lack of all symptoms. Nausea left, sensitivity to smells, cravings, food aversions, breasts were huge and I couldn't touch them, now I can even lay on them and they are now only a handful. I woke up Monday having a feeling I was no longer pregnant.

Two days later I experienced some brown discharge....about enough to cover palm of my hand if it was spread out (sorry TMI!).

Since then discharge has been white with no more brown but I've had some very mild cramps.

I'm just interested to know whether anyone has experienced these symptoms but the pregnancy has ended up being fine? Or is this just the beginning of the end for me?

Midwife said its normal to lose symptoms around 10 weeks....but I just think combo of symptom loss, no longer feeling pregnant plus discharge all in same week is not a good sign.

Would be really grateful if anyone could share their experience.

Sorry for post length.


Nov282014 Sat 03-May-14 02:14:44

Just re read and grammar in 2nd paragraph is awful, tried to say basically that all the symptoms I mention that I did have, are now gone. X

mssleepyhead Sat 03-May-14 07:05:11

I'm not a doctor but I can share my experiences in the hope it helps you through till Wednesday. I had brown spotting at 7 weeks and was scanned and all was fine. Then brown spotting and brown discharge started in week 11 and this continued until about week 20! Was very worried but had 3 scans in this time and all was fine each time. They couldn't find a cause and just said it happens sometimes.

Regarding symptoms, it didn't happen to me till week 16 but I know people talk about losing symptoms around the time you're at because the placenta starts to take over feeding the baby and for some that seems to ease things a lot.

I hope that helps and that you get a positive outcome on Wednesday. Good luck!

Nov282014 Sat 03-May-14 07:26:43

Thank you for your reply. It's given me a bit of hope that whilst I feel I've lost the baby there may still be hope that it's's so nice to hear positive outcomes after similar symptoms. X

PrimalLass Sat 03-May-14 07:41:34

I had zero symptoms by 10 weeks. Was never once sick in 2 pregnancies either. Please don't worry.

PrimalLass Sat 03-May-14 07:42:48

In fact with my DD I didn't even get sore boobs.

MelanieWiggles Sat 03-May-14 08:48:13

The exact same thing happened me at around 10 weeks in my first pregnancy. DS1 is now nearly five :-) Please don't worry.

squizita Sat 03-May-14 10:29:07

I would call the Dr if you're worried however, having had losses this doesn't sound like it necessarily is one.
If the blood was brown and spaced out, it means it wasn't gushing freshly but old. Blood can lurk for days/weeks. Many women experience spotting in the 1st trimester (I have with this pregnancy and it was bright red, things are fine and have been every scan). The fact it's gone is a major factor - when my losses started with brown blood, they quickly turned heavy and red, definitely didn't vanish away to clear. Sounds like spotting to me.

As for the symptoms, 1st trimester symptoms are caused by your body producing hormones (and reacting to them) before the placenta takes over. Going on from 10 weeks, the placenta starts to take over, and in most women their bodies get acclimatised a bit more so symptoms start to fade (unfortunately not all). It could be this process which has reduced your symptoms.

Also, the cramps - the embryo starts to grow quite a lot now, as does your uterus. This can cause cramping.

smile smile

As mentioned, a quick call to Dr or Mw might set your mind at rest but it doesn't sound too bleak from what i read there.

Nov282014 Sat 03-May-14 19:08:10

Thank you for reassuring me. Iv had a call from my doc to say I have high thyroid antibodies so should be and should have been taking thyroxine since becoming pregnant because high antibodies untreated can increase risk of miscarriage....eek!
I've had worse cramps today but no blood or discharge, that's just been normal white. Ohhhh just hope alls ok in there.

Matildasmam22 Sat 03-May-14 19:17:01

Hope your ok, if it makes you feel less worried I'm 15 weeks I lost all my symtoms at 10 weeks, had a big bleed and lost fluid.

Babba is fine was actually doing someraults.

flowers for you, you will have to post how you get on.

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