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Crappy day

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TwigletFiend Fri 02-May-14 16:01:01

Just need a whinge really, sorry! Having a crappy day - 12 week scan yesterday & everything was brilliant, over the moon to see the baby wiggling around, all necessary limbs visible.

Woke up this morning feeling like death. Headache, so tired I struggled to get up, nausea returned with a vengeance. Worked this morning then popped home for half an hour lunch break.

DP home, which is unusal. Initiated conversation, put my lunch on & started making something for him too. He made one of his now-frequent cracks about my 'moaning' about the downside of being pregnant. At first I just laughed it off, but now it's getting to the stage where it just makes me angry. Was then short with him and asked him to get out of the way when I tried to go out to the loo and he kept stepping in front of me on purpose. He exploded; shouted 'For f***'s sake!' and stormed out the door.

I pretty much collapsed. Cried like a baby, rang my mother who pointed out that we both needed to make some adjustments bearing the situation in mind. Cried so hard I threw up four times in quick succession, resulting in headache, sore throat & painful stomach muscles.

DP then came home and told me I'm only so 'moody & unpredictable' because I'm doing too much. 'I know you enjoy it, but you need to slow down!' Actually, I think what I actually need is just an inkling, a glimmer of hope that you are trying to sympathise and don't in fact think that 'I'm not ill, just pregnant', which is what your attitude definitely comes across as!

So yeah. Wah sad. Sorry to whinge!

GingerRodgers Fri 02-May-14 20:04:50

Oh bless you op! Take some comfort in the fact it's mostly hormones and bloody pig headed men to blame.
It's hard for other halves to understand (no excuse though) as they can't see/feel anything especially this early on.
Try and be kind to yourself, take it easy this weekend. Your body is doing so much right now.
You have my full sympathies.
(Decaf) cuppa? brew
thanks It gets better! smile

ladymalfoy Fri 02-May-14 20:19:29

Congratulations! It's a scary and exciting time but try and be kind to yourself.
Agree with GingerRogers. I had a similar floopy period with my DH. Once the bean gets bigger in the scans he'll be just as excited as you.
The moment we see the positive test result we are making adjustments and in 'mummy mode'. It's all a little abstract for some dads at this point.
There will be various points where you will want to punch him for breathing to loudly or blinking noisily.

alita7 Fri 02-May-14 20:22:43

twig let big cuddles xx

we just had a food related argument too hmph!

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