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How do you cope with tiredness??

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OrangeMochaFrappucino Fri 02-May-14 10:51:07

Eat well - try not to rely on sugar/lots of carbs as they make you sluggish. Sleep whenever you can. Exercise gently, get fresh air and do relaxing things when you can. It's horrific with #2 as looking after your first is so demanding and you don't have much time for yourself.

I didn't take any of the above advice as I had terrible sickness and lived off crisps and flat coke and lay on the sofa all day. However, I did get signed off work, which helped! I never got the energy/bloom of the second trimester, but the fatigue did lessen. Hope you feel better soon.

gen88 Fri 02-May-14 10:39:51

i work in a pub too, i do full time and that early pregnancy i didnt feel too bad it hit me when i was about 8-9 weeks but it hit i was very ill aswell but felt like i coulndt sleep enough. around week 12 i felt great and enjoyed being pregnant. i am 20 weeks now and the tiredness has hit me again but this time its hit me hard and i have had to start cutting my hours. you may benefit from cutting your hours slightly at the mo as i did just untill you feel better

ithoughtofitfirst Thu 01-May-14 19:48:07

Food, exercise, naps, caffeine (when desperate), super cold drinks, pleading with god almighty, showers basically ANYTHING until it passes at about 12 weeks.... also worth noting mine peaked at about week 9 then got significantly better.

Hang in there woman Xx

MrsCouchman Thu 01-May-14 19:03:55

I'm 6 weeks and so exhausted!! This is #2 and I don't remember being this tired with my first. The problem is I work in a pub doing evenings sad how can I wake myself up? I feel like im useless at work! X

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