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Brown blood after bleed

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squizita Thu 01-May-14 15:44:21

The brown will be leftover stuff, takes a few days to leak out. If it's getting lighter not heavier and not red, should be OK>

Don't be shy to call the hospital if you're worried though. smile

cooperbug Thu 01-May-14 15:12:06


I am 6 weeks pregnant and had a fresh red bleed on Saturday and since then have continued to lose brown blood on to a pad and on wiping. It's not a big amount but should I be worried?

Was see any the hospital and they think it came from ectropion that I have on my cervix. Had a scan and got to see a little heartbeat so was reassured with that.

I have a follow up scan on Tuesday but does the brown blood sound ok in the meantime?


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